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When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy ~ Rumi


“By now I trust that you know why you  desire to  work with me,  a recovering  ‘Perfectionist’!   Passionate, grounded, direct, honest,  I say what I mean and vice versa;  My Genius being, an Optimistic Realist with an eye and feel  for Intuitive Opportunities.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance in my Mentoring, due to the sometimes sensitive nature of the education delivered and responses involved.

We all have a unique Modus Operandi, meaning I don’t work with everyone.  That’s why I encourage you to take advantage of  your Complimentary 45-minute Pleasure, Vitality or Freedom Cruise call, important for us to determine if working together is the right solution for us both.  It may be that your desired result is best suited to one of my trusted Partners as my desire is for you to achieve the best outcome for your own needs  … Now, with your permission, let’s go have some fun, we’ve got this!”

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“Rachel, I am very new to your (FB) page, but I feel empowered as a woman with the positivity and Female solidarity within the group. ‘This Girl Is On Fire’.  Speaking instinctively, too many places and spaces women compete and put down each other. Life is tough enough, sometimes! I appreciate and seek out enhancers, enablers & motivational sisters. Birds of a feather, flock together;  you’re welcome sweetie xox”  Paula S (Divine Feminine Wisdom FB Group)

“Thanks for the invite Rachel! This is just what I was needing. I’ve floated away from my pleasure practices and this is the gentle reminder from the universe (and you) that it’s time to prioritize them again”.  Krissy B (fellow ex-Pleasure Tribe Sister & Member of Divine Feminine Wisdom FB Group)

Private Mentoring 

$165/£125 ~ 75 mins

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Access your complimentary 45-min Pleasure, Vitality or Freedom Cruise call with me before Mentoring.

Alternatively, click on the links below for Group Courses & Prices.




“Playing Big for Visionary Women” Meet-up Group, June 2016

Divine Feminine Wisdom© here ~ Relationships, Sensuality, Sexuality (Pleasure) 

3-Month Online Introductory Course
3-Month Online Intermediate Course plus 6-day Retreat
6-Month Online Advanced Course plus 6-day Retreat

Group and personal sessions with Rachel where she will  guide you and share insights to her own ‘Divine Feminine  Practice’, which has helped hundreds of Women re-connect with their Feminine Wisdom  having a rekindled passion for Pleasure, Relationships  and  Life by unlocking and unleashing the mysteries contained within their Feminine being. 

It is your birthright to return to your wholeness of Feminine Radiance, Grace and Beauty by discovering and tapping into your precious life-force Energy to reclaim your powerful Feminine Aliveness.  Every Woman is an Erotic Creature and can embrace her Sensuality and Sexuality as a whole, in Romance, Dance, Libido, Tantra, Orgasmic Meditation and more … your Sumptuous Adventure Begins!


Health and Wellbeing© here ~ Health, Fitness, Nutrition (Vitality)

3-Month Online Introductory Course
3-Month Online Intermediate Course plus 6-day Retreat
6-Month Online Advanced Course plus 6-day Retreat 

Group and personal sessions with Rachel who will guide you and share insights into  her own life-long ‘Sporting Career’, which has seen her transform her life decade after decade whilst helping hundreds of Clients on their way to a life of Vibrancy and Vitality.  Her clients reported having increased Confidence, better equipped to cope with everyday Stress and Strains and having Revitalised Passion for life!

You owe it to yourself to encompass Health, Fitness and Nutrition when understanding what Wellbeing really means; together we break this down by separating each section then fitting them back together as a whole whatever your goals, desires current and preferred level.  Together we ensure a “Lifestyle Change” that is easy for you to maintain, for life … your Amazing Life Awaits!


Lifestyle Entrepreneurs© here ~ Business, Finance, Wealth (Freedom)

3-Month Online Introductory Course
3-Month Online Intermediate Course plus 6-day Retreat
6-Month Online Advanced Course plus 6-day Retreat

Group and personal sessions with Rachel who will guide you and share insights into years of Business Ownership whilst living the ‘Lifestyle Entrepreneur’ life, which has helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners on their way to the life of their dreams by deciding on their Lifestyle first and then designing their Business or Work around it.   

During this Course, your views about ‘work’ will alter significantly as we look at your ‘WHY’ first.  Imagine having absolute Clarity, Purpose, Passion  in every area of your business. How much more could you accomplish with continued support from Visionary Women.  It’s time to join the “Playing Big Revolution” … your successful Exciting Life Starts Now!

Your mission lovelies, should you choose to accept it, is to enter one or more of my Super Tribes for the next  phase in your Life Adventure … hop over to the Facebook Groups, Divine Feminine Wisdom & Wisdom Health to begin with, can’t wait to get to know you in shaping our Revolutionary New Divine Feminine~Sacred Masculine Era.

Chao, besos y abrazos


Divine Feminine Wisdom TV interview

30 minutes * Aired 14 April 2016
In this daring episode, Suzanne Ross of Lighten Up (Evolutionary Wellness for the Mind, Body and Spirit), interviews Rachel Gedney in London about the Transformative Power of Divine Feminine Wisdom. Rachel has decades of experience in Health & Fitness, Business & Finance, and in designing livelihoods around Lifestyles. She has created Multi-Dimensional Programming that includes many facets and many levels. Her life-changing programs are active, interactive and super-charged to expand your mind, enhance your health and ignite your feminine spirit! If you want more abundant wealth, radiant health, sensuality and vitality, this show is a must-see!

LinkedIn Pulse Author

*Featured In Lost in the Lingerie Department of Life Blog Post


Podcast interview for Just Stay Curious: Self Love and Self Care

“Working with Rachel was the easiest decision I have ever made. She is a highly professional individual with the skills and experience to complement me and the business perfectly. Her charisma and drive bring a passion to all that she does, as she allows you into her soul and her heart.  Our personal connection is amazing, she is amazing to work with, no hesitation, absolute confidence.  It has been my honour to work with her.”  Richard C, Trainer, Sept 2014-July 2015

 “Knows her stuff at soul level from which all good things flourish.”   John Appleby, Energy Consultant at Camdon Ltd, December 2015



 How you show up in one area of your life is how you play in every area.  

If you are living at only 50% of your potential in your Relationships

or Health, how can you live at 100% in your Business?


Disclaimer:  Consent & Release plus Terms & Conditions forms must be signed and adhered to at all times.  My team and I are on hand to support your new life adventure, however, should you refuse a recommendation when it is clear external professional assistance is required, we waive the right to be held legally responsible for any resulting upset, harm or damage to yourself or your property.