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Step Reebok ~ Home Fitness & Exercise Equipment
Useful, inexpensive/value for money, frequently used ~ with or without weights/resistance bands, originally bought with Step Reebok Videos by Gin Miller, stands the test of time (owned 23 years), lightweight, easy storage, impact & aerobic exercise. Interval training. Use with weights or resistance bands or body weight for muscle building (muscle metabolically active therefore burns fat even when sleeping; ergo, more muscle you have more calories you will burn!)

Chrome Hand Weights ~ Home Fitness & Exercise Equipment
10lb (5kg) each, heavy duty, inexpensive/value for money, frequently used ~ solo or with Step Reebok. Stand the test of time (owned 23 years), easy storage (store flat as you do not want these to fall on your toe!) Used in complete weights workout or as part of Interval Training. Building muscle good as we age to prevent us from stooping, keeping good posture as well as freedom of movement ~ locomotion, moves/protects internal organs, (muscle metabolically active therefore burns fat even when sleeping; ergo, more muscle you have more calories you will burn!)

Hardcore Muscle Foam Roller ~ Home Fitness & Exercise Equipment
Best investment of equipment ever bought! Excellent value for money/inexpensive, lightweight, durable.
Crush muscle pain fast, pain relief when you need it most, a lifetime of physio massages every day, workout harder, recover faster ~ pre workout to release toxins in muscles to workout harder, Accelerate recovery post workiout ~ soothe aching muscles & speed up injury rehab. Get the fastest results from the unique extra-strong core - Life guarantee. 32 pg booklet with clear instructions how to use, where on the body + exercises can do like Side Ab Plank/Push ups/Bridge with leg extension, plus stretches like Back Extensions, Hip-Flex Stretch, Downward Stretch.

Speed Jump Rope owned for 11 years £15 at the time, still around that price range ~ light and compact to throw in your travel bag as a 'to do' exercise anywhere, anytime ~ aerobic

Resistance Bands, Livingsocial deal 2014 £18 ~ light and compact to throw in your travel bag as a 'to do' exercise anywhere, anytime ~ muscle building/maintaining, detachable handles with ankle attachments, for leg and door attachment

Swimming ~ lap mile (1600m) swimming, changing it up every 10 lengths to focus on different muscle groups, breathing and technique, including sprints. Total body fitness, great for rehab during injury, non-impact, supported by water. I had been swimming since childhood and a strong swimmer but was 'taught' to swim correctly during my Sport Science degree also passing my RLSS Bronze Medallion Life Saving Cert.

Cycling ~ Sprints, hills, flat cycling. Total body fitness, non-impact. I cycle everywhere including to meetings and supermarket.

Rowing ~ Concept II 2000m Indoor Rowing Challenge. Total body fitness. Non-impact. Trained for 2 years on Concept II and Water Rower. Good technique is a must for maximum benefit.

Dancing ~ Partner dance, social and keeps you fit. Salsa is my favourite, love all Latin dances. Began dancing as a child, choreographed my own dance routines for my Dance Troupe. In adulthood danced Ceroc and studied dance during my Sport Science Degree then began dancing Salsa in 2003, totally hooked, even learning to dance as a leader. Worked with Salsa UK at our International 3-day Congress and danced with teachers, performers, dancers from around the Globe (Salsa family). Now to master Argentine Tango.

Juice Master Pro-Bounce Rebounder
Aerobic exercise gained by bouncing on a mini-trampoline. Fun, mid price range, great for home user, non-impact, huge benefits to Lymphatic System, Flushes dead cells from body, supplies oxygen to cells, Stress reliever, NASA says: "the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man!" Easy to store assembled or not (legs fold inwards, Rebounder folds in half to store in carry case. Sturdy, good value for money for average exerciser, use 10-20 mins x3 per week.

Hula Hoop ~ Home Exercise & Fitness Equipment
Normal and Massage Hoops, 46". Fun, Fun, Fun, brings out the child in you, great party piece as some people can and some cannot Hula Hoop. Great for lower back and gyrating hips to relieve stiffness in both areas. Easy to store as not bulky, large required for Adult 38-40", normal hoop does not dismantle, massaging hoop locks into 7 sections to dismantle if travelling. Massaging hoop requires total assembly initially, therefore you can decide if you want the weights in each massaging nodule (noisy with weights in), weights make it heavier but adds extra energy expenditure to the workout.

Swiss Ball ~ Home Exercise & Fitness Equipment
Also used for Yoga and Pilates, perfect for improving your balance, stability, core and abs, burst resistant, dense rubber walls offering superb support and control, with pump to inflate. Use for Crossfit/Interval Training/Stretch over, sit on at desk for good posture.

Can also be used with weights to assist adding extra dimension to improving balance & stability. Originally used in remedial therapy therefore good for pre-post pregnancy. Comfortable to use. Numerous exercises can be done with the ball, either sitting directly on it or supporting/working one specific body part or using similar to a bench press.

Son's equipment:
Ab Roller (York Fitness Exercise Wheel) under £10 2015 ~ The York exercise wheel is perfect for strengthening the muscles of the lower back and is very easy to use. The wheel weighs 0.5kg (1.1lbs) and helps to significantly improve breathing thanks to building strong abdominal muscles. It is designed to tone arms, thighs and to tone the core muscles to decrease the risk of injury. Firms and Tones Abs, Back, Arms, Thighs

York Pushup Stands, 2015 under £15 ~ Strong but lightweight push up stands with soft foam grips. Specially designed to allow a deeper push up for increased muscle development

PhysioWorld Pilates Resistance Ring - Double Handle, 2015 under £10 ~ The PhysioWorld Resistance Pilates Ring Double Handle is a lightweight Pilates ring, which features inner and outer grips with a foam padded ring to ensure of total comfort and is perfect for toning all those problem areas. The Resistance Pilates Ring is perfect for toning up problem areas and is suitable for both floor and Pilates exercises; great for toning up legs, pelvic floor muscles and upper arms. Stable, non-slip design

Tae Bo, Pilates, Yoga
Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball ~ Played a lot when younger and am a Badminton Coach.
Horse Rider

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