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Fred Astaire

Hola mi gente! I’m Rachel Gedney (aka Lady Salsa) who lives by this wonderful quote … no Fred & Ginger film escaped my attention!    The magic of dance weaves beautifully in and out of my life, with Sport & Exercise taking the lead.  Que Sera Sera ❣

A shy-introvert child,  dance/music/arts were my sanctuary constantly making things to sell in my ‘shop’!  Multi-sports came easy to me.  And I knew from a young age, I was a ‘sensual being’, wild/free/at-one with life.  My view of life was different from that of my sisters.  Unsurprisingly, all of these things continue to have major significance in my life!

Teenager onwards,  I was described as “the happy, wise, intuitive, smart” family member; friends’ confidant and Empath, using my natural counselling gift.

At 28, I accomplished everything I planned: married/child/country house/own business/car/competition horse/2 Labrador dogs; at 30 I was a divorced single parent, living a new life by my beloved Sea.   My 30’s synonymous with education ~ Sport, Dance, Business Management; it became apparent I was an inspirational leader.  My 40’s working in a career I loved,  I donned the Superwoman outfit, bought into having it all then crashed spectacularly one weekend, not an ounce of energy in the tank! (like many amazing females I know.) 

My Doctor told me to “Stop working at 110% at everything all of the time, and start asking for help!”  An enforced work break ensued  to recover/re-evaluate my priorities over 18 months.  I began to put myself first at long last!   Support from my amazing family and  friends was invaluable.

Hashimoto’s disease ~ underactive thyroid ~ is life-long, controlled by Thyroxin.    I have tweaked my diet, use Essential Oils  to support my Hormones & Immune System (after lots of research).  Now at 56, (Menopausal) I generally feel fitter, stronger, healthier, happier  and more confident than ever (we all have our ‘off/low’ days!) .  Plus an enviable libido …  Yay ❣  

Multipotentialite, with  Higher Education in Sport Science, Small Business Management, SFEDI Business Adviser, Financial Education, Relationship Psychology supporting my Guiding/Mentoring/Advising, I finally  found ME ~ The Wisdom Mentor, forming The Wisdom Quadrant to support my life-work.  Now transitioning to House of Feminine.

Hasta luego, Besos 💝

It truly is the consistent small changes

that create the biggest impact on your life

Rachel Gedney


Retail Saddlery & Country Clothing – 1989

Health & Fitness Consultancy/Ltd Co – 2000
Business Adviser & Mentor – 2002
The Wisdom Mentor – 2011
The Wisdom Quadrant – 2013
House of Feminine 2016


“Thank you so much for this evenings massage, I’ve felt poorly for a very long time and that tonight I have no idea what’s happened but it’s the best I’ve felt in over a year THANK YOU!”  Michala Rutherford, Regional Direct, The Athena Network

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