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More Pleasure * Vitality * Freedom 

Than You Can Imagine!


Hola lovely!  Rachel Gedney, The Wisdom Mentor here.  Welcome to  this Extraordinary Global Tribe of Fun, Vibrant, Happy, Unconventional Females.   

You’ve definitely arrived at the right place if you are feeling like you want more in life …  

More satisfying Relationships and joyful connections
More Radiance and Femininity
More Intimacy, Pleasure and Desire
More Confidence, increased Vitality and Stress Relief
More Energy, Vibrancy and Joie de Vivre
More Business Purpose and Passion

  More Healthy, Happy Lifestyle choices and changes.

The best teachers show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see ~ 

Alexandra K. Trenfor

If you are even one iota like me,  you will have experienced at some point, highs, lows, ebbs, flows of  life and business rocked it, messed up, perhaps even crashed and burned.  You desire a more fulfilling life and know you need some help.   Ring any bells?  Well, this girl along with many I’ve taught, are living proof it’s possible … rich, powerful, reliable life lessons learned, implemented  and strategized along the way, to share with you … c’est la vie ❣

You desire results, sharing life-long knowledge and experience is guaranteed!  Over  25  years of Mentoring & Advising  (more like smart, wise, intuitive, fun conversations packed with immediately implementable actions to take),  witnessing  profound Transformations.  Still an honour  to  guide  females ~ and often males ~  to improve  their Relationships, Health, Fitness, Nutrition  plus  Entrepreneurship.  More recently,  Female Tribes  have encouraged  this lady to step into the Spotlight to educate  on the beauty of Sensuality and Sexuality.  Hence The Wisdom Mentor’  ~ my life is my work is my life

Sharing my own  Diverse Life Story in all the education you receive, you have observed parallels in your own.  You’re now ready to have oodles of  Energy and Vitality enjoying lots of Pleasure, Radiance, Femininity, Juicy Fun, satisfying Relationships, Business Purpose and Passion.  All supported by ‘Queenly Divine’ doTERRA Essential Oils.  Apparently  you  desire what  my Goddess Sisters and I are experiencing; sharing  is adorably fun ~ soon in Luscious Global Retreats 😉 

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You are guided every step of the way, how to rise into your Queen with grace, beauty, fun, shining brightly!   Private Mentoring, Group Sessions, Courses, Retreats,  The Wisdom Mentor’s  Multi-dimensional Packages are designed  to  produce maximum benefit for you; Life  & Work Intertwined shared with you, leaving you Rejuvenated and Invigorated:

  Divine Feminine Wisdom©  ~ Relationships, Sensuality, Sexuality (Pleasure) 

Health & Wellbeing©  ~ Health, Fitness, Nutrition (Vitality)

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs© ~ Entrepreneurship, Finance, Wealth (Freedom) 

“I really like Divine Feminine Wisdom & Lifestyle Entrepreneurs groups you’ve created on Facebook. I’m particularly interested in the subjects posted in Divine Feminine Wisdom, it’s something I’ve been thinking about over the past year (having really neglected it before that); definitely an area that I’m interested in exploring and learning a lot more about.  I’m almost 39 but in so many ways it feels like I’m really just beginning to know myself and really understand what I want from my life and what I’m most passionate about.”  Natasha F, Entrepreneur 


Enquiries?   Questions?

❤ hearing from you, so if you are ready to have MORE Pleasure, Radiance, Intimacy, Confidence, Energy, Vitality, Purpose & Passion in your life, please make contact to book your Complimentary 45-minute Pleasure, Vitality or Freedom Cruise call.

Chao, besos y abrazos  



✿ Muy Importante✿

Little Known Snippets About Rachel

Spent 7 years of my childhood in the Persian Gulf
Was a very shy, introverted child (promise there is photographic evidence!)

Was lead singer in a School Rock Band

Am an ex-competitive cross-country Horse Rider/Owner
Have lived in 5 UK Counties ~ Country, Town, Sea
Saw the Millennium Shuttle Launch in Florida
Have three alter egos ~ Lara Croft, Jessica Rabbit and ….
Host Educational Events in my dear friend’s Erotic Boutique (Editorial evidence!)

Have danced (on stage) with the Cast of “Lady Salsa”
Practice all forms of Tantra

 My son is 29, 6’5″ and thinks I’m a “Cool Mum”
Know the man who cast “The Great Wall of Vagina” & viewed it in his studio, in our home town

 Reunited with my Twin Flame/Soul 2015
Have chosen where I want to live in Spain
Am a volunteer with Young Enterprise South East for Business & Finance days
Humanitarian work is Abolishing Human Trafficking

“Rachel’s enviable reputation means others promote  all she does without her knowledge until after-the-fact.  She is known as the ‘go-to’ person as she commands such trust and respect to give wise, helpful, knowledgeable assistance, both practical and theoretical.  As such, she’s being contacted to appear on Podcasts &  TV shows in the US as her Mentoring is relevant and valuable to women everywhere.  She’s contributed to specialist subject books, been interviewed locally about her Business and Co-Hosting Retreats.  Rachel has always had that “Pied Piper” effect … where she leads, people follow!

“A long-standing friend of Rachel’s, I trust her judgement and sound advice implicitly.  Her intuition and wisdom is to behold!  No surprise when she added Relationship Psychology to her qualifications ~ her own relationships assisted her there!  Her Divine Feminine Wisdom short course and Business Start-up Course, delivered all and more than I expected; very comprehensive.  Looking forward to the Retreats now!  She’s a great Mentor, having intimate practice and knowledge, therefore ideal to guide others.  Highly Recommended!”  Louise Anderson, Sussex ~ Therapist, Pilates Instructor, Entrepreneur