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Divine Feminine Wisdom© ~ Relationships, Sensuality, Sexuality (Pleasure)

Health & Wellbeing© ~ Health, Fitness, Nutrition (Vitality)

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs© ~ Business, Finance, Wealth (Freedom)


doTERRA Essential Oils ~ Retail, Wholesale, Business Builder



The Global resurgence of Red Tents along with the emergence of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine is magical. Having Mentored hundreds of females (and males) over 25 years, you learn to rise to your Queen, attracting a Man who treats as such having become a King himself. Understanding and practicing The Queen's Code. I take you on a magical & magnificent 'Life Adventure' to learn, discuss and participate in practical Courses. Beauty Routines, Dress Sense, Relationships ~ understand ourselves and the men in our lives. Hormones with Food & Essential Oils to support them. Sensuality ~ embracing our Erotic Goddess, understanding the Language of the Feminine Body. Sexuality ~ encompassing Tantra, Massage, Jade Egg and Orgasmic Meditation. I live a 'full-on' Life Adventure, continuing my education to bring a vast range of Mentoring to you in Delicious Courses and Luscious Retreats.

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Your Body keeps an accurate Journal, regardless of what you write down, are you ready for the truth? “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. "My body is my Temple!" Fitness screening and testing with bespoke recommendations. Suggested Equipment and Clothing to suit. Exercise and Sport you enjoy, therefore continue. I cover a diverse range of Exercise and Sport to suit all types, ages, levels, abilities; Strength, Weight and Interval Training; Hula Hoop, Rebounder and Dance; Martial Arts and Pilates; Swimming, Team and Individual Sports and Exercise. I have played and participated in most, for fun or competitively, therefore idealy placed to support you on your 'Transformational Adventure'. Having Coached & Instructed hundreds of people over 30 years, whilst continuing my education, I deliver a range of Coaching to you in Fun, Practical Courses and Luscious Retreats. Reclaim responsibility for your own Fitness ~ to work for you.

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Health, Wellbeing, Nutrition to last a lifetime, making lifestyle choices to support a Vibrant, Energised life of Vitality and Joie de Vivre. Health screening with bespoke recommendations. Healing followed by Coaching and Mentoring moving forward. Practicing Meditation. Natural Products for the entire family and home, plus Natural Remedies. doTERRA Essential Oils for diffusing, taking Aromatically, Topically & Internally. Different types of Massage to suit. Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten and Dairy Free. Combatting Stress and Strains of our fast-paced life. New found Confidence with revitalised passion for Life and Love. Reclaim responsibility for your own Health & Wellbeing with support from me who has spent a lifetime educating myself, practicing & living the dream, Mentoring hundreds of others over 30 years. Continuing my education, I bring a vast range of Mentoring to you in Fun, Informative Courses and Luscious Retreats.

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Business Mentoring, Planning, Reviews, Advancement, Diversification, from Start-up onwards. Self-Awareness, Business Personality, Values, Vision, Skills, Market Research, Marketing, Social Media, PR, Sales, Legalities, Financials. Finding customers & keeping them happy. Producing a complete detailed Business & Action Plan including CV. Niche clientele of "Multipotentialites" with various business interests, especially those wishing to live the "Laptop Lifestyle" at Home, Overseas or Travelling. Your 'Entrepreneurial Adventure' begins now with a Serial Entrepreneur (now on her 4th Business), who has Mentored, Advised and Supported hundreds of like-minded Entrepreneurs. Financial Education, “How Money Works” & "10 Key Principles of Financial Freedom" ~ Have a Budget and Live by it, Learn the Rules of the Money Game, How to Beat the Banks, Building a Legacy, The Rule of 72. How to Clear Debt and different types of Investing.

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“Rachel is a very good friend of mine, someone who I have known for many years.  She has been a positive influence in my life, giving me support and listening to me when I most needed it.  She is a lovely person to be around, always irradiating a great energy.  She is a self-motivated individual, a Truth Seeker and someone who enjoys being Fit and Healthy, not only physically but also mentally.  I feel lucky to have her as a friend.”  Cris Sena, friend and fellow Salsa Dancer


 “Hi Rachel,  I chanced upon your November Female Wellbeing & Pleasure Tribe Reveals post and feel compelled to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.  I found it refreshing that Female Wellbeing, Wisdom & Sexuality was being shared on LinkedIn, a platform which I had previously associated to corporate & more typical business fields, I also found your voice Clear & Authentic.  Perhaps the universe is just revealing to me what I’m becoming more open to or what my soul is seeking!   I am looking forward to more beautiful sharings & lessons.   Blessings”  Lena Lim, Artist Adventurer | Freelance Marketer & Writer, Malaysia

“I have known Rachel for a number of years one thing that springs to my mind is Motivation, Determination and Passion for her work.  She is fun loving and keeps active on the Salsa Dance scene and this energy transfers to her work.  I would wholly recommend Rachel to anyone serious about advancing their Business or wanting to improve their Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Lifestyle.”  Stuart Stokes, Commercial Director at Refer-all Ltd


"I am sure if it had not been for Rachel's advice Cake Genie would not be the successful business it is now. She was always there to hold my hand and give sound, creative advice when I needed it. I am proud to have had her expertise and also her friendship. I know whatever she does in the future her clients will gain immense benefit."Julie Orton, Senior PME Diploma Tutor at Genie Brand UK

Disclaimer:  All Courses & Retreats are Practical, Theoretical and Interactive therefore require T&C's plus any other Legal Documents (i.e. Medical Questionnaires) to be signed with copy on file and adhered to at all times.