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International Online Summit ~ Facebook Live 45min in Bohemian Badass Group

Rachel Gedney, Presenter Jan 22 2017, 12pm PST/8pm GMT

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Podcast interview for Just Stay Curious by Gillian Rose

Self Love and Self Care

 “Embracing Your Uniqueness”  ~ Sept 2016

Tantra Talk 2016

Divine Feminine Wisdom TV interview



30 minutes * Aired 14 April 2016
In this daring episode, Suzanne Ross of Lighten Up (Evolutionary Wellness for the Mind, Body and Spirit), interviews Rachel Gedney in London about the Transformative Power of Divine Feminine Wisdom. Rachel has decades of experience in Health & Fitness, Business & Finance, and in designing livelihoods around Lifestyles. She has created Multi-Dimensional Programming that includes many facets and many levels. Her life-changing programs are active, interactive and super-charged to expand your mind, enhance your health and ignite your feminine spirit! If you want more abundant wealth, radiant health, sensuality and vitality, this show is a must-see!


 Christina Toimela learns a lesson from a very fit Business Mentor

Posted in Columnists, Inspire me, Latest 7 Feb 2013

I’m interested in everything that can help self-employed to make it work. Therefore I went on a free 2-Day Business Startup Workshop giving a SFEDI Award Level II (Aspects of Enterprise) qualification. It was held by a confident business mentor who hinted that her life had not always been easy. I had to know more about her.

Since childhood Rachel Gedney has always wanted to have her own business despite her family not being entrepreneurial. Whilst both pregnant and competing with her horse, Rachel left her legal secretary job and started her saddlery business in Linconshire. She lost it all in her divorce and moved to Brighton with her son, via the Middle East, to study Sport Science in 1993. In her mid 30’s Rachel was fitter than most of her class of 20-somethings. She was on her own with her son, her number one priority, and she had no social life. However, she had a goal, a bigger picture, and that’s why she was able to keep on going. After finishing her degree she went on a postgraduate Business Course and started her career within a health and fitness consultancy.

Rachel started as a professional business advisor for Inbiz in 2002. After having been made redundant by another company she started working for herself again and set up her own Business Consultancy.

According to Rachel the five key skills for entrepreneurs are: drive, determination, ambition, belief and people skills. The three main reasons for entrepreneurs to fail are: lack of research, finance and confidence.

“I don’t do boxes and I need to see the bigger picture”



The best qualities in a manger are: people skills, letting go of controlling, and giving support when needed. When asked if she would work for someone else again Rachel smiles and says: “I don’t do boxes and I need to see the bigger picture.” According to Rachel, corporate companies can get scared if someone has too many ideas and shows capability to not only do the job they apply for but the interviewer’s jobs as well. “In many interviews I have been told ‘You are very creative, aren’t you?’, To which I have just answered, ‘And your point is?’, thinking ‘you just want to control me’.”

Rachel does not seem fazed by anything we discussed so I had to dig deeper. She explains: “The hardest thing in my life was not having any gas left in the tank. I had to learn to say no and I can’t do it.” Rachel has always been highly active. Therefore, according to doctors, she had been able to carry on with an almost empty tank for two years before hypothyroidism got her. The underactive thyroid left Rachel with no energy and unable to work. It took her a year before she started swimming again and 18 months before she started working.

After the interview, something told me I should add a few moments of rest into my personal “As long as I have energy to do sports three times per week I know that I’m doing is fine” regime.

Further information about business mentoring, planning and financial education can be found on Rachel's Website.

Rachel Bus Show

Deep discussion with Trade Stand Exhibitor @ Brighton & Hove Business Show, Hove, November 2010

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SO Brighton & Hove Magazine @ Brighton & Hove Business Show, Hove, November 2010

Rachel, Nic SG 3.11.10

With Nic Ramsey, Owner of She Said Erotic Boutique, Brighton, December 2010

Educational  Evening

Rachel, Geri SG 3.11.10

Sugargroup Education Evening at She Said Erotic Boutique, Brighton, December 2010

With Geri Brooks, Founder & Director of Sugargroup



SO Brighton & Hove Magazine @ She Said Erotic Boutique, Brighton, December 2010

Educational Evening 

Rachel, Sophie, Becca

With Sophie & Becca Mahir @ The Brighton & Hove Business Show, Hove 2009

Bottle of Champagne won in Raffle



Bridal Makeup 2001

Georgia & Rachel

Nutrimetics ~ Skincare and Cosmetics



Psychic & Holistic Festival, Hove Town Hall 2001

Rachel & Julie

Nutrimetics ~ Skincare and Cosmetics