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Pleasure Makeover©  6 Week Online Cruise Course

New Course begins 30th of every second month ~ Sept, Nov 2017 ~ Only $297 (approx £228*) normally $350


I Sail a Yacht for Goddesses to Pleasure Island
from which there is no return from Pleasure, Radiance,
Femininity, Vitality, Joie de Vivre & Fun …
your VIP luxury cabin is reserved!  


We all reach a stage in our lives when we ask ourselves “Is this it?  It’s not what I expected … I want MORE!  But I don’t know exactly what or who to talk to about it to find out MORE …”  You may be at that stage where you are asking …

“What do I want from my Romantic Relationship and Sex life?”
“How do I bring more Sensuality into my life?”
“What are my feelings about this?”
“How do I discuss this with my partner/boyfriend/husband?”
“Why am I feeling this now?”
“Where do I begin?”

“What is available to me?!”

“How far do I want to challenge my Boundaries?”

“What is an ‘edge’ for me and what do I want to do about that?”

“What are the possibilities … especially for me?”


If this is You, then you will simply  adore my Pleasure Makeover© 6 Week Online Cruise Course, where you will discover More than you ever imagined possible … 

More Va-Va-Voom
More satisfying Relationships and joyful connections
More Radiance and Femininity
More Intimacy, Pleasure and Desire
More Confidence, increased Vitality and Stress Relief
More Energy, Vibrancy and Joie de Vivre

More FUN!

If you would like to accept,  I am here to guide you through this extremely important and delicate time in your life to discover exactly what is possible for You, whether you choose to embrace and embody it or not … there is no right or wrong, only Desire! 


Be Deliciously Daring for 6 Sumptuous Revolutionary Weeks

And you are guaranteed to have the most  Exciting Adventure of Your Lifetime.”   😉


Week 1 Relationships ~ Ready for Love
Ready for Love
The 5 Love Languages
Male & Female energy
What Men & Women want



Week 2 Relationships ~ The Queen’s Code
Crack the code on men
—How to become the “Queen in your Relationships”
How we unknowingly strip our men of their power (and ours)
Why being “Low-Maintenance” does not work
Never be ignored by a man again

Queen Rachel, Queen's Code ;-)


Week 3 Sensuality ~ The Divine Feminine
Every Woman is an Erotic Creature

Language of the Feminine Body; Grounded Body Centred Intuition Consciousness
Reclaim your Female Body & Sexuality within
Living a Soulfully Sexy life
Discover the Yin Effect



Week 4 Sensuality ~ Dance
One of the most fun ways to exercise

Partnership Dance and Femininity
Sensual Solo Dances for your own Sensuality

Solo Dance for your partner enhancing your Sensuality and Intimacy



Week 5 Sexuality ~ Healthy Pleasure, Solo

What is Pleasure to You?
Solo ~ non-Sexual & Sexual

Tantra ~ White (solo – Spirituality)
Crystal Wand
Jade Egg



Week 6 Sexuality ~ Healthy Pleasure, Partner

 Partner ~ Sexual & non-Sexual
 Tantra ~ Red (partner ~ Sensuality & Sexuality)
Yoni (Sanskrit meaning Sacred Temple) Massage
Lingam (Sanskrit meaning Wand of Light) Massage
Orgasmic Meditation

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Warning: You may experience a huge increase in all types of PLEASURE, RADIANCE, FEMININITY & FUN! 😉

Group Skype/Zoom Call 1 hr pw covering each of the above sessions

Group Skype/Zoom Call Q&A 90 min x3 week 2 of each of the Session Subjects ~ Relationships, Sensuality, Sexuality

Private Community Facebook Group Specifically for this Course  with on-going support

 You will also receive DISCOUNTED entry to my VIP Membership

There will be a full pdf for each section as we move through the weeks in the FB Group ‘Files’ section.


Never before have so many Women of all ages begun to take this precious Adventure into re-connecting with their Feminine Wisdom, having a rekindled passion for Pleasure, Relationships and Life by unlocking and unleashing the mysteries contained within their Feminine being.

It is your birthright to return to your wholeness of Feminine Radiance, Grace and Beauty by discovering and tapping into your precious life-force Energy to reclaim your powerful Feminine Aliveness. Every Woman is an Erotic Creature and can embrace her Sensuality and Sexuality as a whole, in Romance, Dance, Libido, Tantra, Orgasmic Meditation and more … your Sumptuous Adventure Begins!


You deserve to have your Dreams fulfilled

At course completion, I shall also reveal my own Mentors, Teachers and Associates, explaining their specialist fields and why they have been so influential in my Transformation. And why they are still so valuable to me, having emerged from playing small to stepping out into the Spotlight to PLAY BIG!  You will be some of the first to hear about my MASSIVE International plans for the future which includes Sumptuous Global Retreats with my Co-Partners, and how you can benefit!



What are you waiting for? …

 Only $297/£228

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 Adventures Are More Fun Together


“With over 25 years practical and academic experience, in all of the above, it will be  my honour  to  connect with you on a deeper level, and  more importantly,  guide & support  you on your own Adventure to a Complete life of Pleasure, Radiance, Femininity, Energy, Vitality, Joie de Vivre and Fun.  If you are ready to set sail, I am ready to plot your course to the Land of Pleasure, from which there is no return!”  Let’s go have some fun!


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“Rachel is a very good friend of mine, someone who I have known for many years.  She has been a positive influence in my life, giving me support and listening to me when I most needed it.   I feel lucky to have her as a friend.”  Cris Sena, friend and fellow Salsa Dancer

“As a long-standing friend of Rachel’s, I trust her judgement and sound advice implicitly.  Her intuition and wisdom is both spot on and deep!  No surprise when she added Relationship Psychology to her qualifications ~ her own relationships assisted her there!  I recently purchased her ‘Pilot’ Divine Feminine Wisdom short course, amazed at her breadth of knowledge – truly an ‘old soul’.  She’s a great Mentor, having intimate practice and knowledge, therefore ideal to guide others. 

There were 5 of us in the group but it felt like it was bespoke to each of us.  As always, Rachel gives much more than she need; even created private groups to provide on-going continued support.  I can’t wait for the Luscious Retreats, I am definitely on board!” Louise Anderson, Sussex ~ Therapist, Pilates Instructor, Entrepreneur

“Rachel, I am very new to your (FB) page, but I feel empowered as a woman with the positivity and Female solidarity within the group. ‘This Girl Is On Fire’.  Speaking instinctively, too many places and spaces women compete and put down each other. Life is tough enough, sometimes! I appreciate and seek out enhancers, enablers & motivational sisters. Birds of a feather, flock together;  you’re welcome sweetie xox”  Paula S (Divine Feminine Wisdom FB Group)

 “Knows her stuff at soul level from which all good things flourish.”   John Appleby,  December 2015

 “Hi Rachel,  I chanced upon your November Female Wellbeing & Pleasure Tribe Reveals post and feel compelled to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.  I found it refreshing that Female Wellbeing, Wisdom & Sexuality was being shared on LinkedIn, a platform which I had previously associated to corporate & more typical business fields, I also found your voice Clear & Authentic.  Perhaps the universe is just revealing to me what I’m becoming more open to or what my soul is seeking!   I am looking forward to more beautiful sharings & lessons.   Blessings”  Lena Lim, Artist Adventurer | Freelance Marketer & Writer, Malaysia