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“I really like the Divine Feminine Wisdom and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs groups you have created on Facebook. I’m particularly interested in the subjects in Divine Feminine Wisdom, it’s something I’ve been thinking about over the past year (having really neglected it before that) and definitely an area I’m interested in exploring and learning a lot more about.  I’m almost 39 but in so many ways it feels like I’m really just beginning to know myself and really understand what I want from my life and what I’m most passionate about.

Thank you for being so open and honest about where you are in your life at the moment in terms of your relationship and meeting your Twin Flame, I’m so excited and happy for you and it’s really refreshing and exhilarating to hear about someone really following their desires for what they want and need, and living with such vibrancy and vitality.  It’s also very inspiring.”  Natasha F, Entrepreneur

“Rachel helped me with an important presentation for a job interview.  I was able to tap in to a wealth of business and life experience and channel my own thoughts and ideas to produce an effective presentation.   I find Rachel perceptive and able to communicate what an assessor/interviewer is really looking for and how to present that information to them in a professional and meaningful fashion.

I feel I have only scraped the tip of an iceberg with Rachel and would not hesitate to use her again for future business and career advise.”  Peter Whitworth, Group Manager at Compass UK And Ireland

“Excellent content, expertly delivered, informative, interesting and individually adaptive.”  Darren Angood, Head of Operations at Add My View

“Rachel is a very personable, diligent, intelligent, active person to work with. Because of her network of contacts and her natural ability to communicate well, she has been invaluable to me in setting up my business and to its current success.”  Tim Woodman – Leadership, Management & Project Management Expert, Author & Trainer