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Your Smile is your Logo, your Personality your

Business Card,

how you leave others feeling after having an experience

with you, becomes your Trademark


Self-expression must pass into communication for its fulfilment ~ 

Pearl S. Buck


Envision how your life will Transform when you become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Imagine having absolute Clarity, Purpose, Passion in every area of Business, Finance and Wealth 

More Freedom for Pleasure, More Time for Fun, More Income to support it all 

Choosing to work When, Where, How you want and with Whom


Open and grow to your highest Potential, beyond your Wildest Dreams

It's time to join the "Playing Big Revolution" 

How much more can you Accomplish with continued support from Visionary Women 

What are you prepared to do and how far will you go to Step Up to your Greatness and show the world Your Genius


It's time to reap the rewards you've been working towards

Revolutionary Education to help you attain the Lifestyle you Desire

  Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle Choice but requires set instructions so our Tribes are here to help

Put into practice all you learn for the Success YOU want


“I would recommend this workshop to anybody who would like to start up their own business. Rachel is very helpful, answers the many questions, puts you at ease when you panic, gives you examples from the ‘Business World’ which are new to many who starts their own business.  Very helpful information.  Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction and make me feel a bit more confident.” Katarina Harnova


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Enter my Global Tribe of "Lifestyle Entrepreneurs" to discover the Secrets to Thrive alongside the Entrepreneurial Freedom Revolution 

How to integrate your 'Multipotentialite' Super Powers into your Business effectively

If you alter nothing, expect nothing to alter ...
"Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it"


"Playing Big for Visionary Women" Meet-up Group July 2016


I share with you these Ultimate Courses ... a culmination of my life work as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Transformational Mentor & Adviser, designed to provide everything you need to start, build, progress  a successful Life and Business.  Opening my first Retail Saddlery Shop with no business training in my 20's, I learned the hard way, proceeding to 'educate' myself  formally in my 30's & 40's ~ Post Grad Cert in Small Business Management, followed by *SFEDI Business Adviser whilst employed to deliver Advice and Support to new Entrepreneurs & Business Owners throughout my Region.  All this whilst also running my own Consultancies.  *Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative

My Global Entrepreneur Tribes await you ~ call Rachel, 07786 912 355 or email to book your Complimentary 45-minute Freedom Cruise call, sharing with me what you would like to learn and really resonates with you ...




 Choose the lifestyle you desire, then design

and build your Business around it. 

Have Laptop, will Travel!

Private Mentoring 
$165/£125 ~ 75 mins
$125/£95 ~ 60 mins
£65 ~ 45 mins  

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Together we shall delve into the following in varying degrees according to the course level, Initiation, Immersion or MasteryIn 'Mastery', you will join me on a Discovery Adventure into the depths of My Life Secrets, learning to put them into skillful practice. 

Warning: You may experience a huge increase in FREEDOM, TIME, INCOME & FUN! 😉


Business Start-up
Creating A Vision for Your Business; You And Your Business Skills
What Form Of Business; Your Initial Business Idea; 10 Reasons For Success; Challenges To Your Business Idea
Key Market Research Questions; Secondary Research Results; Primary Research Questionnaire; Interview Or Discussion Questions
Where Are You Now; My Personal Strengths; Total And Target Customer Groups; The Edge And Its Value; Competitor Information; The Outside World
Planning For Action; Planning Sales
Outline Marketing Plan; Marketing Activity Checklist; Marketing Action Plan
Start-Up Costs; Personal Survival Budget; Target Income; Sales Targets; Variable Costs/Costs Of Sales;
Fixed Costs; Net Profit Calculator; Cash Flow Forecast
Your Sales Methods; The Deal; Finding And Keeping Customers ~ Checklist
My Business A
nd The Law
Business Plan; Action Plan

Financial Education
“How Money Works” and the 10 Key Principles of Financial Freedom:–
CCMP - Clear Concise Mental Picture
Have a Budget and Live by it
Learn the Rules of the Money Game
Emergency Fund
How to Beat the Banks
Minimise Taxes
Successful Investing
Building a Legacy
Developing a Winning Attitude
The Rule of 72

Wealth Building
Affiliate Marketing
Network Marketing

Partnerships/Limited Companies

Investments; Overseas & UK Property


Learn essential Insights to assist in your Business, Finance and Wealth Dreams

There is no better investment than Investing in Yourself and your Business

Being an Entrepreneur is neither a part or full-time job, it’s a Lifestyle! 

Contributor in "How To Start A Business in East Sussex" - publish date tbc


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"I have known Rachel for over 10 years and she is one of the few people I would class as a true friend.  She is there when I need her day or night, helping me set up my business and giving a great insight into things I hadn't considered.   Anything Rachel is involved with is greatly improved by her input."  Stephen Cummings, friend, Business Owner and fellow Salsa Dancer


Investment in the rest of your life:

If you know this is exactly what you need to align your life and vision, don’t hesitate!  Put your deposit down today.

Gentle Cancellation Policy: Half of your deposit is refundable if you cancel within 14 days of Course commencement.  The non-refundable portion can be applied to a future date (within 1 year). 

I am so looking forward to welcoming you on to my Course. 

Hugs 🙂

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Initiation ~ "No Time like the Present"

3-Month Online Introductory Course ~ $597/£455

  • Videos with Slides and Workbook 1
  • Business Plan Templates
  • Weekly 1 hr individual Skype calls (depending on numbers attending) or Group Mentoring calls
  • Private Community Membership

“I attended the Business Start-up Course in Oct 2012; found it extremely informative covering all aspects of starting a business, including many where my knowledge was lacking. Rachel facilitated the Course very well. Her vast experience and knowledge on all aspects of starting and running a business shone through. That mixed with her friendly, helpful personality and thorough and current content, created a great foundation for myself and anyone who is thinking of, or recently has started a business. I completed the Course feeling highly motivated and focused on how to move forward and I would highly recommend Rachel and her Courses.”  Beth Woodman ~ Director of Sales & Marketing, Secure Wealth Ltd 


Immersion ~ "What is True today may not be True tomorrow"

3-Month Online Intermediate Course ~ $5,975/£4,555 incl 5-day Retreat ~ all inclusive meals, (Flights & Insurance not included – Destination Spain or Greece, or Italy)

  • Videos with Slides and Workbook 2
  • Business Plan Templates
  • Weekly 1 hr individual Skype calls (depending on numbers attending) or Group Mentoring calls
  • Private Community Membership
  • Review of Completed Business Plan

NB: Retreat Programme tbc

 “Thanks for a truly fantastic Course. Aside from the masses of free information you provided, I came away feeling really energized and motivated being in the company of like minded individuals willing to make a real go of their business ideas. Networking and Accountability are definitely the way forward!!” JJ Baiden ~ App Development & Marketing at Mobile App Solutions

Mastery ~ "There's no Present like The Time"

6-Month Online Advanced Course ~ $9,907/£7,555 incl 6-day Retreat ~ all inclusive meals, (Flights & Insurance not included – Destination Caribbean or Mexico)

  • Videos with Slides and Workbook 2 + Complimentary copy of "Essential Business Guide"
  • Slides from Course
  • Business Plan Templates
  • Weekly 1 hr individual Skype calls (depending on numbers attending) or Group Mentoring calls
  • Private Community Membership
  • Review of Completed Business Plan
  • Member only Webinars

NB: Retreat Programme tbc

“Rachel's Business Start-Up Course is an excellent for understanding everything you need to know about setting up a business or evaluating how your new business is doing.  Rachel gives comprehensive and step-by-step information and financial advice on all aspects in a highly accessible way. This Course is a must-have for anyone new to business enterprise, is great fun, practical, full of useful tips, information, website links and examples of how to get ahead whatever the size of your business or business ideas.  Rachel’s delivery is excellent and her content VERY COMPREHENSIVE indeed.”  Fleur Dorrell  ~ JPIC Educational Co-ordinator and Freelance Writer


Startups Collage

P.S. Still undecided? Talk with me personally on 07786 912 355 in a complimentary 45-minute Freedom Cruise call. Email here to request an appointment via phone or Skype. (limited to one complimentary session per person.)