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Hey Lovelies

In order to deliver some very special gifts and education to you, I am collaborating with some fabulously talented International Females in preparation for my move to Spain, having a truly ‘International’ Business.  I showcase first our Happiness Huddle Free Online Event 12-16 September 2016, organised by the  supremely talented Toronto based Kimberly Roberts

She has gathered together 22 super talented Happiness Huddle Influencers, including yours truly , who will be delivering our Passion focus that you will ‘meet’, learn from and receive some spectacular gifts from.  Over $3000 worth of free products and services are on offer with much more to purchase should you desire … for yourself or as a gift for someone equally special.

As you know, I want to give you as many totally free tools, templates and products to help you make as many positive changes in your life as I can.

I know there are so many things you want to do with your life, dreams you want to live, contributions you want to make to the world.  Unfortunately, it’s really easy to get stuck in a rut of routine and before you know it, time is slipping by and the perfect “someday” never gets here.

So what would you say to a little help? (Especially if it was totally free!)

Enter my friend Kimberly Roberts, Chief Rebel-rouser of Rebel Livin’, International Lifestyle Strategist, and Bucket List Re-engineer!  I can tell you, making the most out of people’s’ lives is something Kimberly is super passionate about! She is on a mission to create a movement of people who decide their “somedays” should be lived today, rather than waiting.  

That’s why she decided to pull together some of the top lifestyle influencers from around the world, who are experts in their fields, who are just as passionate about making big changes in people’s lives to help make this happen.  Kimberly has just announced this upcoming event ~ The Rebel Livin’ Happiness Huddle ~ where these expert Lifestyle Influencers are offering tremendous gifts that will help change lives from Blah to FANTABULOUS!

This is your chance to get tons of ready-to-use tools, templates, and products to help you take inspired action and make more out of your life in all sorts of ways!

The event goes LIVE September 12 – 16, 2016.  You can get access to it by REGISTERING HERE

Here are just a few of the AMAZING products and services being given away in the Happiness Huddle:

  • Mini Pleasure Makeover e-book
  • A 5-Day Self Care Course ~ designed to inspire Moms to better self care in pursuit of their dreams
  • Game Changing Financial Strategies No One Told You About e-book
  • The Self Sabotaging Quirks & Twerks of the Not-So-Confident Woman e-book
  • And much more! 

I’m honoured to be included as one of the experts asked to contribute to this Transformational Event. It’s an impressive group, and we all want to share with you our best ways to take action, get results and have more fun and happiness in your authentic life…TODAY vs “someday!”

I’m giving away my  Mini Pleasure Makeover e-book worth $250 (approx. £187) to Set in Motion what You most Desire in Your Relationships, Sensuality & Sexuality.

See you in the Huddle for some Pleasure, Happiness, Freedom and a bit of Rebel Livin’ thrown in!