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My Body IS My Temple!  😉  (Mantra studying Sport Science ....and beyond)

Rachel's Videos  ~ Home Fitness Equipment, Sport, Healthy Food 

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity ~ 

Carl Jung


Picture how your life will Transform when you reach your Optimum Potential in Health & Fitness

New found Confidence in every area of your life 

Increased Vitality for continued Good Health

Coping well with the Stress and Strains of our fast-paced life 


Imagine having Vibrance and Joie de Vivre, for life

Oodles of Energy for everyday activities as well as new Fun Activities

Revitalised passion for life, love, family with a spring in your step 

Leading with a Smile, not a Frown!


Reclaim responsibility for your own Health & Wellbeing 

Having people tell you how "young you look; what's your secret?" 

Weight loss without trying

Bouncing back from illness or injury quicker with less negative effect on your work and life 


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Your Body keeps an accurate Journal, regardless of what you write down, are you ready for the truth? 

Sport Science Newton's Third Law of Motion:
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

At first they'll ask you WHY you're doing it.  Later, they'll ask you HOW you did it!

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"Rachel, this is totally Awesome to see all your home Sports Equipment:  Hardcore Muscle Foam Roller is a great massager!  Love seeing them being used too!"  Catherine Cook-Loftus, Let's get fit with OVITALity, doTERRA UK (Feb/Mar 2016, Team Essential Vitality 1)


I share with you these Ultimate Courses, so near and dear to my heart (no pun intended!) having begun my Sports life at the tender age of six, horse riding, becoming an all-round sporty girl.  Playing many sports over the years, I have encountered various injuries but continue to  transform my  Health, Fitness, Flexibility & Nutrition decade after decade.  In 2000, post-Sport Science Degree, I set up my own Consultancy working with Individuals and Businesses on their Health, Fitness & Nutrition.   Now I assist you in your Transformation.   

My Global Healthy Fit Tribes await you ~ call Rachel, 07786 912 355 or email to book your Complimentary 45-minute Vitality Cruise callsharing with me what you would like to learn and really resonates with you ...




  Healthy Body, Mind, Business, Life


Private Mentoring
$165/£125 ~ 75 mins
$125/£95 ~ 60 mins
£65 ~ 45 mins 

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Together we shall delve into the following in varying degrees according to the course level, Initiation, Immersion or MasteryIn 'Mastery', you will join me on a Discovery Adventure into the depths of My Life Secrets, learning to put them into skillful practice. 

Warning:  You may experience a huge increase in ENERGY LEVELS, VITALITY, VIBRANCY & FUN! 😉


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Health & Wellbeing
Meditation; Swimming
Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Swiss Ball
Natural Health Remedies; Natural Products; doTERRA Essential Oils

Strength & Interval Training
“My Body Is My Temple”
What we know versus What we do!
Why weight training is essential for your later years
Lift Weight and Lose Weight; Resistance Training
Hula Hoop, Skipping, Foam Rolling

Sport & Exercise
Horse Riding & Multisport
Individual and Team Sports
Reebok step, Rebounder; Cardio Equipment & Clothing

Altering, Tweaking or Changing eating habits
Vegetarian; Vegan
Chicken and Fish only
Dairy, Gluten free


H&F Collage


"A great team player and a pleasure to know. Keeps her eye on the ball and has a positive mental attitude."  Teresa Plant, Suzi Q Dance Clothing


Don't relinquish control of your own Health and Wellbeing to others

You owe it to yourself to make your own informed choices about leading a Healthy, Happy Joyous life with oodles of Energy and Vitality to last your entire Life.


Investment in the rest of your life:

If you know this is exactly what you need to align your life and vision, don’t hesitate! Put your deposit down today.

Gentle Cancellation Policy: Half of your deposit is refundable if you cancel within 14 days of Course commencement. The non-refundable portion can be applied to a future date (within 1 year).

I am so looking forward to welcoming you onto my Course.

Hugs 😉

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Initiation ~ "No Time like the Present"

3-Month Online Introductory Course ~ $597/£455

  • Videos with Slides
  • Worksheets & Recipes in Handouts
  • Weekly 1 hr individual Skype calls (depending on numbers attending) or Group Mentoring calls
  • Private Community Membership

“Having got to know Rachel well over several months during our 'Buddy' Triathlon Training together, I have benefited from her knowledge across all disciplines connected with our training.  Her comprehensive Medical & Exercise History Questionnaires and subsequent Reports are very impressive.  Don't hesitate to work with her, you are in safe hands."   Vaughn ~ Lecturer

Immersion ~ "What is True today, may not be True tomorrow"

3-Month Online Intermediate Course ~ $5,975/£4,555 incl 5-day Retreat ~ all inclusive meals, (Flights & Insurance not included – Destination Spain or Greece) 

  • Videos with Slides
  • Worksheets & Recipes in Handouts
  • Medical & Fitness Assessments
  • Weekly 1 hr individual Skype calls (depending on numbers attending) or Group Mentoring calls
  • Private Community Membership
  • Review of Personal Goals

NB: Retreat Programme tbc

"I have known Rachel for a number of years one thing that springs to my mind is motivation, determination and passion for her work.  She is fun loving and keeps active on the salsa dance scene and this energy transfers to her work.  I would wholly recommend Rachel to anyone serious about advancing their business or wanting to improve their lifestyle."  Stuart Stokes - Commercial Director, Refer-all Ltd


Mastery ~ "There is no Present like the Time"

6-Month Online Advanced Course ~ $9,907/£7,555 incl 6-day Retreat ~ all inclusive meals, (Flights & Insurance not included – Destination Fiji or Morocco or Turkey) 

  • Videos with Slides
  • Slides from Course
  • Worksheets & Recipes in Handouts
  • Medical & Fitness Assessments
  • Weekly 1 hr individual Skype calls (depending on numbers attending) or Group Mentoring calls
  • Private Community Membership
  • Review of Personal Goals
  • Member only Webinars

NB: Retreat Programme tbc

“THE outstanding student of her Sport Science course. Rachel is a very intelligent physically talented woman at the peak of her powers. She's one of the most gifted students I have ever met in over 30 years in Further & Higher Education. Physically she has exceptional powers of stamina and co-ordination. Rachel is a good mother, an excellent organiser and a highly valued member of her class. She is a human being of the highest order proving herself to be a person of very high calibre both academically and sportswise who deserves to succeed. We feel privileged to teach a woman of such outstanding ability and potential. We recommend her to you without any reservation.” John RJ Hunt MSc, Lecturer in Biology & Sport Science


No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch!

Salsa Bandstand July

Dancing Salsa on my Birthday, July 1 2015, Brighton Seafront Bandstand, hottest day of the year!


P.S. Still undecided? Talk with me personally on 07786 912 355 in a complimentary 45-minute Vitality Cruise call. Email here to request an appointment via phone or Skype. (limited to one complimentary session per person.)