Featured Associates

The following Videos are from my Featured Associates with whom I either work or collaborate on select Talks, Interview, Retreats

Anna Wrona ~ Introducing my lovely friend and Belly Dance teacher giving a brief tutorial on a common belly dance move called the chest lift...enjoy practicing.

"Spending much of my young adult life disconnected from my body, essentially living from my head, I was blessed enough to discover and recognize how good it felt to dance. One of my girlfriends decided to take a belly dance class for fun and asked me to join her for company. She had a history in ballet and jazz and at the time I felt like I had two left feet.

Something stirred inside of me when I had my first taste of the sacred art of belly dance. There was an exciting sense of wildness and a new self-acceptance that I began to feel streaming through me with every hip bump and shimmy. I became hooked. Dancing gave me a way to embody my experiences and I began to start to feel alive again.

While my friend only completed the introductory class, I went on to learn as much as I could and spent every free moment I had working on the moves and the techniques. I was able to breathe more awareness, more loving consciousness, and more life into all of me the deeper I dove into this dance. I began to awaken every cell of my body to my own brilliance.

Now, more than a decade later, I enjoy introducing belly dancing to groups of women at special events such as bridal showers and birthday parties. What brings me the most pleasure is to see their eyes light up, hear the laughter fill the room and feel the joy as these women move in ways they may never have given themselves permission to before." www.annawrona.com

Lucy Rowett ~ It's my pleasure to introduce my friend with whom I deliver Talks on Relationships, Sensuality & Sexuality

"I am a long haired, free wheeling, tea sipping and intuitive Tarot Reader, Energy Worker, Mentor and Writer, Linguist and sex positive Tantrika who is on a mission to empower, educate and inspire you to be your brightest, fullest and juiciest self.

I blog and write ebooks about everything to do with Spirituality, Sexuality and wonderful Transformation, which I believe are the keys to be your most shining self. I offer Intuitive Tarot readings, and energy healing to open you up to your ultimate possibilities, and help you bust through your blocks.

Having been raised a Christian, and fully embracing the Evangelical movement as a teenager, sex was something very taboo and saved only for marriage. After a long battle with M.E/C.F.S, and becoming very ill, I left the faith 6 years ago and decided to embark on my own healing journey to recover my health, and find myself too.

Sex became a part of my healing when I discovered the world of Tantra and Conscious sexuality, and I immersed myself in it. Human sexuality is my passion, in all the glorious forms that it expresses itself. In the body, gender identity, sexual attraction, relationships, our conditioned patterns of shame that prevent us from being uninhibited and free."

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