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Hello Gorgeous Goddess Sisters ~

YOU are Fabulous  💝

A 'Turned On' life awaits  😉


The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it ~ 

Thích Nhất Hạnh


Picture how your life will Transform when you rise to your true Divine Feminine Goddess

♥ Understanding the Male psyche to have fulfilling Relationships and a Sexy, Satisfying Marriage

♥ Rising to your Queen and having a Man who treats as such having become a King himself

♥ Having loving Relationships with everyone in your life, full of joyful connections


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Expand to your highest Potential, beyond your Wildest Dreams

♥ Greater Intimacy and more Pleasure having found the Treasure - the source of your own Desire 

♥ Increased Vitality, Libido and Intimacy 

♥ Discovering and tapping into your precious life-force Energy to reclaim your powerful Feminine Aliveness 


It's time to reap the rewards you've been asking for....

♥ Receive all you Desire and have your Dreams fulfilled 

♥ Enjoying a Delicious, Sensual Relationship with your Body 

♥ All this and more lies within you right now, ready to be Awakened



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 "Playing Big for Visionary Women"
Meet-up Group July 2016

It is truly amazing what can be achieved when a group
of like-minded Visionary Women 
band together with conscious intent!




Enter my Global Tribe of Red Hot Sisters to discover the Secrets to Lasting Pleasure that ALL Women possess

Secret Reveal: I' m number 3 of 4 Sisters❣

I share with you The Ultimate Courses I have felt compelled to deliver  for most of my life.  During the past two decades I've gathered together all of my knowledge and entire life work, Mentoring friends and peers in their Relationships en route.   Entering the Pleasure Tribe enabled me to further add to my knowledge and skills whilst expanding my own erotic boundaries embodying new practices.  At this time I  designed, finalised  and  hosted pilot short courses ~ Goddess Wisdom & Pleasure Practice.  Listening to the feedback of what you want, need, desire, these have blossomed into the full  Divine Feminine Wisdom Course©.  

My Global Feminine Tribes await You ~ call  Rachel, 07786 912 355 or email to book your Complimentary 45-minute Pleasure Cruise call sharing with me what you would like to learn and really resonates with you ... 

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 ❤ Radiance is your Greatest Gift ❤

 Private Mentoring
$165/£125 ~ 75 mins
$125/£95 ~ 60 mins
£65 ~ 45 mins 

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Close, close all night the lovers keep. They turn together in their sleep,
Close as two pages in a book that read each other in the dark.
Each knows all the other knows, learned by heart from head to toes.   

Elizabeth Bishop



Gold & Green Dresses Collage


Together we shall delve into the following in varying degrees according to the course level, Initiation, Immersion or Mastery.  In 'Mastery', you will join me on a Discovery Adventure into  the depths of  My Life Secrets, learning to put them into skillfull practice. 

Warning: You may experience a huge increase in all types of PLEASURE, RADIANCE, FEMININITY & FUN! 😉


"You've touched my heart and soul; you mean more to me than you will ever know.   I love your directness, I love your energy, our connection is amazing and I love that you tell me how you feel.  I am honoured that you asked me to be your partner."  Richard C, Tantra/OM Partner, Sept 2014-July 2015


Ready for Love
The 5 Love Languages
Male & Female energy
What Men & Women want
Sex, Pleasure, Tantra and more


The Queen’s Code
Crack the code on men
—How to become the “Queen in your Relationships”
How we unknowingly strip our men of their power (and ours)
Why being “Low-Maintenance” does not work
Never be ignored by a man again

The Divine Feminine
Every Woman is an Erotic Creature
Language of the Feminine Body; Grounded Body Centred Intuition Consciousness
Reclaim your Female Body & Sexuality within
Living a Soulfully Sexy life
Discover the Yin Effect

Healthy Pleasure
What is Pleasure to You?
Solo or with Partner; Sexual or non-Sexual
Tantra – White (solo - Spirituality) & Red (partner – Sensuality & Sexuality)
Yoni & Lingam Massage; Orgasmic Meditation; Crystal Wand
Jade Egg

Hormone Cure
Hit the reset button on Hormones – low Energy, Libido & Mood Swings
Claim your right to a ‘New Normal’
Novel strategies to reset your Hormones
Signs you are in peri-Menopause (begins in your 30’s)
Why Stress is the new Crack

Sync your Cycle
Living in Harmony with Menstrual Cycle; The 4 Phases
Foods for Libido & Cycle
Mooncup (Menstrual Cups)

The Big ‘O’ Diet
Get Turned On and Energised from the inside out
Why Nutrition is a contributing factor for how you show up in life ~ in and out of the Bedroom!
Learn the Three Pillars of Transformational Nutrition & how they work together to put more Pep in your Step
Discover the best foods to eat to help you achieve the Big ‘O’ (Aka the Big ‘O’ Diet)

Body Image ~ Beauty, Clothes, Accessories
Beauty Secrets learned along the way privately and whilst working in the Beauty Industry
My Mother taught me well!

Bra & Corset Fitting
Change your Bra, Change your Life
85% of women wear the wrong Bra size

One of the most fun ways to exercise
Partnership Dance and Femininity
Solo Dance to please yourself or for your partner enhancing your Sensuality and Intimacy

Red Tent
The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
Red Tent Movie - Dr Isadora Leidenfrost

Chakras & Meditation
How to Balance your Chakras

Erotic Literature
Books to keep the Fire Burning Within
Erotic Films; Erotic Salons
Classic Nude Photography ~ www.abeautifulgift.co.uk

Re-Programme and Re-Write Your Story
Stop the World .... We want to get off!
Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Track via Diary or Log for up to six months
Alter Egos (Shhhh ~ mine are Jessica, Lara and Nefertiti)
Manifesting Life, Love, Work You Desire
Focus on Me, Love Myself Up; Absolute Clarity
Open to having an Easy Life – Abundance Emotionally & Financially

Claim your life of Blissful Pleasure

You owe it to yourself to have a Juicy Sensual life awakening your Feminine Mystery - something most Women have forgotten as their Divine right to experience.

"Rachel is a very good friend of mine, someone who I have known for many years.  She has been a positive influence in my life, giving me support and listening to me when I most needed it.  She is a lovely person to be around, always irradiating a great energy.  She is a self-motivated individual, a truth seeker and someone who enjoys being fit and healthy, not only physically but also mentally.  I feel lucky to have her as a friend."  Cris Sena, friend and fellow Salsa Dancer


Investment in the rest of your life:

If you know this is exactly what you need to align your life and vision, don’t hesitate!  Put your deposit down today.

Gentle Cancellation Policy: Half of your deposit is refundable if you cancel within 14 days of Course commencement.  The non-refundable portion can be applied to a future date (within 1 year). 

I am so looking forward to welcoming you on to my Course. 


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Initiation ~ "No Time like the Present"

3-Month Online Introductory Course ~ $597/£455

  • Videos with Slides
  • Written Material in Handouts
  • Weekly 1hr individual Skype calls (depending on numbers attending)
  • Monthly Group Mentoring calls
  • Private Community Membership

“A long-standing friend of Rachel’s, I trust her judgement and sound advice implicitly.  Her intuition and wisdom is astounding!  Adding Relationship Psychology to her qualifications ~ her own relationships assisted her there!  Attending her Divine Feminine Wisdom short course & Business Start-up Course, her knowledge is phenomenal., very comprehensive. She’s a great Guide and Mentor, having intimate practice and knowledge, therefore ideal to guide others.  Louise Anderson, Sussex ~ Therapist, Pilates Instructor, Entrepreneur

Immersion ~ "What is True today, may not be True tomorrow" 

3-Month Online Intermediate Course ~ $5,975/£4,555 incl 5-day Retreat ~ all inclusive meals, (Flights & Insurance not included - Destination Spain or Greece or Italy)

  • Videos with Slides
  • Written Material in Handouts
  • Weekly 1 hr individual Skype calls (depending on numbers attending)
  • Monthly Group Mentoring calls
  • Private Community Membership
  • Lots of Practical Feminine, Juicy, Fun
  • Interviews with Specialists
  • Dancing

NB: Retreat Programme tbc

 "Hi Rachel,  I chanced upon your November Female Wellbeing & Pleasure Tribe Reveals post and feel compelled to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.  I found it refreshing that Female Wellbeing, Wisdom & Sexuality was being shared on LinkedIn, a platform which I had previously associated to corporate & more typical business fields, I also found your voice Clear & Authentic.  Perhaps the universe is just revealing to me what I'm becoming more open to or what my soul is seeking!   I am looking forward to more beautiful sharings & lessons.   Blessings"  Lena Lim, Artist Adventurer | Freelance Marketer & Writer, Malaysia

“Rachel is a very personable and caring lady who delivered the Course to an incredible standard.” Frances Fleming

Mastery ~ "There is no Present like The Time"

6-Month Online Advanced Course ~ $9,907/£7,555 incl 6-day Retreat ~ all inclusive meals, (Flights & Insurance not included - Destination Bali or Fiji or Hawaii)

  • Videos with Slides
  • Slides from Course
  • Written Material in Handouts
  • Weekly 1 hr individual Skype calls (depending on numbers attending)
  • Monthly Group Mentorng calls
  • Private Community Membership
  • Lots of Practical  Feminine, Juicy, Fun
  • Interviews with Specialists
  • Dancing
  • Member only Webinars
  • Introduction to Training the Trainers

NB: Retreat Programme tbc

"What can I say about Rachel? She's just fabulous. A very dynamic lady, with a passion for all that she does. Rachel is a born leader and natural mentor. Her key strengths are passion, intuition, communication skills and her ability to build connections with others. I'd wholeheartedly recommend her, whatever transformational journey you are on." Nicole Anderson, Holistic Therapies

“Rachel is lovely, very experienced and clever, an ideal Mentor & Speaker to motivate and inspire. Many thanks.” Sally Anker, Mural Artist at The Anker Arts


You deserve to have your Dreams fulfilled

Red Tent Collage


P.S. Still undecided?  Talk with me personally on 07786 912 355 in a complimentary 45-minute Pleasure Cruise call.  Email here to request an appointment via phone or Skype. (limited to one complimentary session per person.)