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Rachel here!   Significant little reminder as to what’s happening here at  WM HQ,  whilst using  divinely beautiful doTERRA Essential Oils to enhance and support my Divine Feminine Wisdom & Health & Wellbeing  more please

Luscious Events for May:  

In Celebration of my 55th Birthday on July 1st 2016 (Aired on Voice America TV Show, Lighten Up!  Link details on my ‘Work with Rachel’ page) 

My offer, if you choose to accept,  is to have 55 meaningful and helpful Conversations with 55 of you amazing ladies, over the next  5 months, guiding you in your particular desires, helping you where you feel unclear or uncertain or even supporting you on your new or next stage of evolvement.  Each conversation 55 mins for only £55  ~ (1:1 Mentoring ordinarily £125/75 mins)

Relationships, Sensuality, Sexuality, Health, Fitness, Nutrition.   Click one of the two above  links to my relevant Web page,  for full detail of each subject.  Contact me here to arrange appointments, payment and subject/s for discussion.

JADE EGG:  FREE Webinar ~ Dare Into Your Desire: Saturday, April 30th, 9pm GMT

Have You Ever Been Curious About The Jade Egg?

A very special friend, Dr. Saida Desilets, is opening up her Jade Egg Mastery.

What’s unique about Saida is that she deeply embodies this practice, has a PhD in the very nature of how the Jade Egg impacts your wellbeing as a woman, and has the only Physician endorsed online Jade Egg training!!  Yes Please

Jade Egg Mastery ~ Registration closes 6th May

If you’ve ever been curious about the Jade Egg or you’ve been exploring the Jade Egg already, you’ll want to meet my very special friend, Dr. Saida Desilets, and learn about her amazing program: Jade Egg Mastery.

I’m excited to share this opportunity to learn with Saida because I believe what she believes: That it’s essential for us to come home to ourselves & claim our inherent genius.  Yes Please

Essential Oils Introduction Class, 11 May, Hove, 6.45pm
Essential Oils Introduction Class, 16 May, Hove, 6.45pm

Rachel & Debra1
Hosted by Rachel Gedney and Debra Sofia Magdalene on Skype

These Classes provide an Introduction to Essential Oils; What they are; Why doTERRA Essential Oils; How to use Essential Oils; How to establish a foundation for Optimal Health; How to improve your Lifestyle; How to Purchase these Oils; Becoming a Member and the best Path for you.

**Download Your Free PDF**
5 doTERRA Essential Oils to never be without


doTERRA Essential Oils Now the backbone of my business, I’ve totally fallen in love with these divine Essential Oils since being introduced to them last Summer when I sustained a Sports Injury.  My family and I now use them to combat/relieve illness,  to support hormones, in cooking, cleaning, as supplements, natural pick-me-ups, massage, romantic mood enhancers & defusing.  Never without them, at home or whilst travelling.  More please

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Rachel Gedney is a Transformational Mentor and Lifestyle Entrepreneur, “Guiding her Female Goddess Tribes on a Life of Adventure to Pleasure, Radiance, Femininity, Vitality, Joie de Vivre and more” aboard her Goddess Yacht to Pleasure Island. She openly admits to being a “Recovering Perfectionist!”

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