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Hey Lovelies

Rachel here!  At WM HQ, we have been using the divinely beautiful doTERRA Essential Oils to enhance and support my Divine Feminine Wisdom & Health & Wellbeing  Mentoring, Education and Luscious Retreats, as well as my own Health, Hormones & Immune System.  Some Videos will appear on my Website soon to accompany the ones I have had fun making recently.

Finding Your Voice

As a Member of the Female Entrepreneur Association, one of our monthly bundles was about creating Videos.  I have been dipping my toe in the water getting used to speaking to camera, demonstrating, lighting, clothes, makeup, balance between script and ad-lib, communicating the message and passion, creating YouTube Channel, uploading (which took forever) …

I have not even got to ‘editing’ or ‘intros & outros’, let alone pictures and captions!  So much to learn but I have made a start and am enjoying it immensely.  It is amazing how much extra you have to give to come across as ‘passionate’ on screen than in-the-flesh – UP everything, including makeup!  Glad I am not an actress by profession!

And having been the ‘interviewee’ for two recent US TV and Podcast Interviews, I am now looking forward to conducting my own Interviews.  Zoom is better than Skype it would seem.  Long way from where I want to be but getting started is always the key.

The US Interviews went well, like talking with long-standing friends, although both needing two recordings each (gives me more practice), but love the fact they are more informal type interviews.  As soon as they are aired, I shall post them on my Website ~ scary and exciting.  If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

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Heads up on Spring Blossoms:

US TV Show & Podcast Show Interviews to be aired … shortly!


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5 doTERRA Essential Oils to never be without


doTerra Essential Oils
Now the backbone of my business, I’ve totally fallen in love with these divine Essential Oils since being introduced to them last Summer when I sustained a Sports Injury.  My family and I now use them to combat/relieve illness,  to support hormones, in cooking, cleaning, as supplements, natural pick-me-ups, massage, romantic mood enhancers & defusing.  Never without them, at home or whilst travelling.

As a ‘newbie’ to Essential Oils, I had no idea some oils could be taken internally!  And that the oils I burn are probably causing me more respiratory problems than I already have due to being poor quality!  I have also discovered that ‘diffusing’ is preferable to ‘burning’.   So much to learn and very impressed so far.  WARNING: I want to make it very clear that you cannot normally take essential oils internally unless it says so on the bottle.  doTerra’s oils are certified 100% pure therapeutic grade and also carry the supplement label. Essential Oils are potent plant medicines and 50-70 times more powerful than herbs so need to be treated with the respect that they deserve.



Talking about Tantra

Friday 22nd April @ 7.00pm, Hove ~ Females Only
Join Rachel Gedney and Lucy Rowett for this exciting talk and introduction to the world of Tantra, Bodywork and Female Sexuality.

What do you know about Tantra? What do you know about this magical body you have? Mystified by your sex drive? Feel confused about your desires? Or do the men in your life really NOT get what works for you in bed?!

In this evening, Rachel and Lucy will guide you through this beautiful world that they both have experience in, and how it has enriched and transformed their lives, both inside and outside of the bedroom

This is a female only event, so you feel safe and supported to ask any questions in a group of sisters

What you will get:
– A clearer idea of what Tantra is and isn’t
– A better understanding of how working with the body is key to your personal growth
– Myths around female sexuality BUSTED!
– A time to ask any questions you may have

// Rachel can be found here: //
// Lucy can be found here: //

All you need to bring is yourself, and dress to feel comfortable and sexy. There will be no nudity, or undressing involved

We will provide delicious and nourishing herbal tea and snacks, as well as love and sisterly support

Investment for the evening is £8

RSVP send a pm to Rachel or Lucy, contact them through their websites or contact Lucy at

Rachel’s Celebration:    Exercise Equipment and Healthy Food Videos completed.    Featured Associates Videos & Bios Page begun.  Happy Dance!

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Ciao Bella

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