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Hey Lovelies

Rachel here!  I have been a little quiet for too long!  At WM HQ,  there have been  a few developments which took  longer to integrate than I  initially imagined.   Turning a Business on its head can be the equivalent of filling your car with Rocket Fuel.  Since doing this over Christmas, plus introducing  the divinely beautiful doTERRA Essential Oils to enhance and support my Divine Feminine Wisdom & Health & Wellbeing  Mentoring, Education and Luscious Retreats, it has been “all systems go” …. Towards the end of 2015, it became apparent that my future Business was indeed rooted in Divine Feminine Wisdom & Health & Wellbeing rather than Lifestyle Entrepreneurs.     And yet, I doubted and confused myself until the Universe sent me a few very big signs, one after the other!

I don’t know whether you know about or believe in Twin Flames, Angel Numbers, Numerology, Crystals, Tarot Cards, NLP and Tapping… I knew little about them but am now a firm believer as the signs have all become concrete reality since September. It was on the strength of these, that at Christmas, I turned my Business on its head! Adding beautiful Essential Oils (Network Marketing) to enhance and support everything for me and my Female Tribes.

And that was the Rocket Fuel, I mentioned earlier. I spent January unsubscribing from Newsletters and other people’s courses, (I don’t need any more training except for the vital training I have with my FEA Membership), removing myself from FB groups that are not related to my Business, tidying, filing, deleting and preparing for my new Business focus.

  • I decided how my Business would look
  • I bought my new diary (http://myproplanner.co.uk/ for those of us in Network Marketing)
  • I decided on where I wanted to live in Spain, changed my laptop screensaver as a daily reminder,  joining an online FB group in that region to begin meeting British and Spanish ladies for when I visit.     (there is a huge WHY for me to live in Spain and having two bouts of flu in 2.5 months reinforced that need for my warm climate)
  • The Global feedback about my Divine Feminine Wisdom groups, Mentoring and Courses has been exceptionally encouraging and fruitful
  • I created my beautiful Vision boards via picmonkey, which means I carry them with me on my phone too.
  • I scheduled some Essential Oils and Tantra Workshops
  • Updated my Website and begin writing again
  • Prepared for video recording
  • Had some amazing Skype calls, one of which, from a lady in Sedona, Arizona who connected with me via FB who wants to interview me for her established TV show for Spiritually Inspired Entrepreneurs!
  • I have another doTERRA Essential Oils Network Marketing lady to work with for support and motivation
  • Possible relevant projects in the pipeline to keep an eye on.


  • Throughout all of this, my Twin Flame and I have grown closer, knowing we are forever in each other’s lives even though our lives don’t quite align at present so I’ve backed off a little.
    I began seeing LOTS of triple numbers which I soon discovered are Angel numbers; the meaning of these numbers has been eerily accurate
    I altered my pricing structure according to these numbers, which is vital in Numerology and must ‘feel’ right for you and your business
    I am feeling the power of Crystals, excited to shop for new ones for my collection
    Tarot cards are like stepping stones, completely aligned with what I have been/am doing
    A guided NLP session and meditation have cleared an old belief system bringing forth and solidifying my dream
    And finally Tapping is manifesting exactly what I am wanting in my life.

Non of these did I seek out, they all appeared before me in quick succession and it felt right to go with each. Not surprising I contracted a second bought of flu from which I am still recovering, with the aid of Essential Oils, love being able to take these internally (especially in Chocolate Vegan Puddings!)

Do I believe any of these things have a baring on my impending 55th Birthday? I’m not 100% sure, although the way things are shaping up, this could be a very special year indeed.

If you would like to know more about any of my revelations, to incorporate into your Business, please do get in touch; more than happy to point you in the right direction.

5* Offer ~ In Celebration of my 55th Birthday on July 1st 2016

Recently asked what I do for a living, my reply became a conversation starter followed by a full-blown discussion ~ “I Sail a Yacht for Goddesses to Pleasure Island, your  VIP luxury cabin is reserved!”  

My offer, if you would like to accept,  is to have 55 meaningful and helpful Conversations with 55 of you amazing ladies, over the next  5 months, guiding you in your particular desires, helping you where you feel unclear or uncertain or even supporting you on your new or next stage of evolvement.  Each conversation 55 mins for only £55  ~ (1:1 Mentoring ordinarily £125 ph)

First come, first served, although  you can have more than one conversation with me on any of the following subjects where you  are desiring, education,   clarity, support ~ Relationships, Sensuality, Sexuality, Health, Fitness, Nutrition.   Click on one of the two above  links to my relevant Website page,  for full detail of each subject.  Contact me here to arrange appointments, payment and subject/s for discussion.                                                                     

If that isn’t whetting your appetite enough, 5 of you lucky ladies, (to be chosen at random by one of my trusted Associates), will join me on my next course with 50% reduction in course price.  You will also receive FREE  entry to my VIP Membership, where you will contribute in  steering the direction of this Pleasure Yacht,  whilst receiving pre-launch information about  upcoming Courses and Retreats.  (Discounts and first refusal as my VIP ‘s within a set time-frame will apply).

“With over 30 years experience, in all of the above, it will be  my honour  to  connect with you on a deeper level, and  more importantly,  guide & support  you on your own Adventure to a Complete life of Pleasure, Radiance, Femininity, Energy, Vitality and Fun.  If you are ready to set sail, I am ready to plot your course to the Land of Pleasure, from which there is no return!”

**Download Your Free PDF**
5 doTERRA Essential Oils to never be without

(also at the end of this Newsletter)






doTerra Essential Oils
Now the backbone of my business, I’ve totally fallen in love with these divine Essential Oils since being introduced to them last Summer when I sustained a Sports Injury.  My family and I now use them to combat/relieve illness,  to support hormones, in cooking, cleaning, as supplements, natural pick-me-ups, massage, romantic mood enhancers & defusing.  Never without them, at home or whilst travelling.

As a ‘newbie’ to Essential Oils, I had no idea some oils could be taken internally!  And that the oils I burn are probably causing me more respiratory problems than I already have due to being poor quality!  I have also discovered that ‘diffusing’ is preferable to ‘burning’.   So much to learn and very impressed so far.  WARNING: I want to make it very clear that you cannot normally take essential oils internally unless it says so on the bottle.  doTerra’s oils are certified 100% pure therapeutic grade and also carry the supplement label. Essential Oils are potent plant medicines and 50-70 times more powerful than herbs so need to be treated with the respect that they deserve.


We are “Spreading the Joy”!  Set your Pleasure in Motion with Luxury Pleasure Products to  ELEVATE  your sex life above and beyond what you imagined possible.  Once tried, LELO will never fail to please, hence my own personal favourite brand; Rolls Royce of toys and accessories, in my opinion …  I never use anything less!    ‘Couples Massagers’

With my sensational Soraya Rabbit ~ used solo and with my man ~ now three years old, is still delivering ecstasy time and again, I have my eye on Tiani to use with my man.  Beautiful Silk Restraints & Blindfolds, Soft-tasseled Suede Whips, Oils, Moisturisers, Luna Beads, Smart Wands as well as a large selection of Vibrators and Massagers, you are sure to find something to please.  Aesthetically pleasing and silky smooth, LELO never fails to delight.


CW(DC)54acPhotography Session
Looking for a fabulous gift to yourself or to give to a loved one, or to include a loved one, to celebrate a milestone Birthday or Anniversary.  Or “just because you can!”   Perhaps something along the lines of  “How to look good Naked”, “Boudoir” or even a “Fully Clothed Beauty” photo shoot – the choice is yours and endless; just add some imagination!  Nude/Boudoir/Beauty.   Perhaps revealing all yet nothing.  Even your Mother could not object to that!    

Debal is a good long-standing friend, whose work  I have admired for a long time.  He took some fun outdoor laptop shots of me in the Summer for my website and can offer professional business photos for you too. His prices start at £150 for a 1hr shoot.   Please check out his separate websites for either Nude/Boudoir/Beauty or Business.  When booking, please mention you were referred by me.


Orgasmic Meditation
For those interested in this practice, I suggest watching founder Nicole Daedone (and Author of “Slow Sex”) explain more here  Intro to OM Workshop  

For deeper immersion into OM, book our May 13-15th 2016 Spring Retreat in Somerset £597.   DM me for more details & to book.

I had OM training as part of my Pleasure Tribe VIP Membership and practiced with one partner for 8 months.  The Connection we had was exquisite and gave me the creative fuel I sought and required at that time.  Although intended as a ‘stand-alone’ practice I can vouch for it also being the best foreplay ever!  Although I chose to only practice with one partner (because we were electric together), some have more than one practice partner, the choice is yours.  Personally, I now choose to only practice with my life partner.  Watching the OM talks and videos on YouTube is highly recommended as is Nicole Daedone’s TEDx Talk  Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman to discover if this practice is for you.


Sport Pursuit
Last but not least, I could not forget you Sporty ladies like me, or those merely loving great quality outdoor clothing/equipment at reduced prices.   Sport Pursuit cater for both sexes whether it be clothing, footwear, bags, accessories or equipment ~ hundreds of well known brands including  Low Alpine, Berghaus, Teva, Salomon, Ecco, Zeal, Timex, Arc’Teryx, Chiemsee, Silkbody.  Year round superb quality gifts.


Rachel’s Celebration: I am to be interviewed on VoiceAmerica TV series called “Lighten Up!”  About and for Spiritually Inspired Entrepreneurs.    Happy Dance!

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