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Hey Lovelies

Rachel here!  How’s your week been?  At WM HQ, it has been as much of a whirlwind indoors, as outdoors has been wet and blustery, each with their own fun and not so fun challenges!  Of course, it’s how we deal with those challenges that makes the difference to the eventual outcome is it not!  I was really down for a couple of days, felt rejected and unsupported, magnified a thousand times as I have supported and helped everyone my entire life; had a good cry and hug and now I’m back, feeling good again with  uplifting words of encouragement from females  around the Globe “compelled to connect with me because of my clear, authentic voice”.  They had no idea of what was occurring in my private world …. I’ve got this!   Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions or would like some one-to-one Mentoring on a specific topic covered in my Divine Feminine Wisdom Course.

Why Stress is the new Crack wreaking havoc with your Hormones ~ Stop ‘Doing’, Start ‘Being’
The season is approaching fast where we females have an automatic tendency to ‘do’ so much that we are stressed out, wired and tired, needing a holiday to recover from ‘The Holiday’!  Christmas shopping & wrapping for the entire family, cooking, baking, planning, catering, partying, entertaining, visiting families – the list is endless (and then those January Sales!)   All this on top of work, whatever that looks like, employed/running our own business/full-time Mum, it is all WORK!

This is not ‘doom and gloom’, rather a cautionary tale as ‘age’ has no bearing here as I fully discovered whilst in The (Global) Pleasure Tribe in 2014; Stress and resulting illnesses strikes 20+ through to 50+!  One of our teachers, Sara Gottfried MD, Harvard Physician & board-certified Gynaecologist speaks out in her work and Book “The Hormone Cure”, that it is not at all normal to feel fatigued, anxiety ridden, unsexy, fat and cranky!  Nor is it normal to take to crash diets, sleeping pills or anxiety medication!  This is definitely not what getting older is about!

I know because I crashed and burned in my 40’s; now 54 I have more joie de vivre than ever before, fit, strong, healthy, vitality and oodles of energy, losing weight without trying, libido off the scale and still awaiting the signs of menopause!  In my case it has been ‘tweaks’ to my diet, for some it is major changes to their whole lifestyle.   Dr Sara’s practice now focuses on females going through hormonal problems, ensuring they get the blood work done thoroughly to discover the ‘cause of the problem’, only then can ‘symptoms’ be correctly treated.

For deeper insight within my Divine Feminine Wisdom Course and private one-to-one Mentoring, we learn about the connection between Hormonal Imbalances and Stress, illness, Exhaustion, Brain-Fog, Mood Swings, Food, Drink, Exercise, Libido, Weight, Confidence and more.

Now I am no Doctor or expert on Hormones, but having firstly studied Human Anatomy, Cell Biology, Chemistry and Physics for my Sport Science Degree then secondly ‘crashing’ myself in 2006 with Hashimoto’s Disease (Underactive Thyroid), I totally resonate with this.  I was ‘BURNT OUT’ with questions to address, the most important being, “How did this happen to ME the Fit/Healthy one?!”  Life as I knew it had changed forever, but I was actually thankful ~ reasons I won’t delve into here, suffice to say, I had a heightened level of consciousness that led me deeper into Education and Practice continued to this day where I ‘live, eat, drink, exercise’ to SUPPORT my Hormones.

Like Dr Sara, I am an advocate of finding the ‘cause’ then treating the ‘symptoms’, always my philosophy when dealing with Sports Injuries and any form of illness.  And let’s face it, our UK NHS is already overburdened, it is time to take back responsibility of our own actions my dear friends …. but that’s a bigger discussion within my DFW Course.

At the time of diagnosis, I had been running on empty for over 2 years (backstory another time) and being me, working full-time, raising a child alone and working ad-hoc in the Salsa Dance Events world including dancing 3-4 nights pw, I had donned the Superwoman outfit and played the part with aplomb!  As always, I had been telling myself to “Get on with it and stop being silly, I can cope!”  Even though I started to gain a little weight and was feeling tired/exhausted/zero energy, I always had a rational explanation …. until I didn’t!  So I sat in front of my Dr and sobbed; in his words “This is not like you Rachel, better run some blood tests!”  (I rarely go to my Dr as I can self-diagnose accurately and know what self-help/natural remedies/treatment I need).

We suspected it was Thyroid not working as my entire family of females (Mum and 3 sisters) all had the same problem, however, it was a shock to us all as I was the Sporty/Active one who could never sit still; if anything my Thyroid should have gone the other way!  Although my Dr had a different opinion even though he hardly ever saw me, but he ‘knew’ me, his words echo in my head even now, “The trouble with you Rachel is that you work at 110% in everything you do, all of the time; you have to start asking for help!”

Four of my close female friends have had the same problem in varying degrees, all taking different doses of Thyroxin, two other close female friends have crashed with ME.  Others have Clinical Depression/Bi-Polar.  We all have days when we know we have overdone things and have zero energy in the tank!  It is not fun!  Thankfully we are all still living the lives we desire, grateful it is not more serious but also aware of our varying limitations, consciously monitoring.

One of the reasons I raise this now, apart from the obvious covered in the opening paragraph, is that without exception, we all LOOK FINE on the outside making it difficult for many people to appreciate what is really happening on the inside!  We females are very good at projecting “I’m fine” when we are actually screaming with exhaustion on the inside.  A lot of fear or shame surrounding that thought of being ‘seen’ as incapable or vulnerable, when actually, they are strengths.

Over this next month at the very least, please make an extra effort to “ask for help”, not easy for us independent females to do, but that’s the point, we must spend less time ’doing’ (which is the man’s role) and more time ‘being’ ~ the true feminine role.  Our men are dying to help us, especially as if we are not exhausted, we are able to spend more fun time with them …. whatever that looks like for you, hence some of my juicy Seasonal Offers!  Happy shopping 😉

Here are some helpful points to begin The Hormone Cure:

  1. Put “The Hormone Cure” by Sara Gottfried, MD on your Christmas Present list – you won’t regret it
  2. Book yourself a place on my Divine Feminine Wisdom Course or call to book a one-to-one Mentoring to delve deeper into this fascinating subject more quickly
  3. If you are suffering from any hormonal imbalance, there are lifestyle reasons for it; address those and the severity of hormonal problems will reduce, often disappear (obviously if you are already on meds, do not discard them without professional guidance)
  4. Seek help from the types of Doctors/Medics who are pro-active on the ‘self-help’ path, not willing to fob you off with a bottle of pills and ‘this is aging’ type nonsense
  5. Educate yourself to ‘be in control’ of your own healthy lifestyle
  6. Don’t be told your symptoms are normal for females and we should accept it at face value
  7. Life-long popping pills is never the answer and could lead to other symptoms/illnesses that you never had before – this is not normal nor necessary!
  8. Be prepared to take responsibility for your own actions to date and decide to make the lifestyle changes necessary for a healthy life from here-on-in
  9. Food and drink intake definitely have an impact on our hormones, if like me you have a real issue with dairy and gluten, remove them from your diet. Even though I had a minimum of dairy, wheat, gluten, coffee, wine, they have all been eliminated and both internal and external benefits are noticeable to myself and others.

Upcoming Course at bargain price

I am offering my Divine Feminine Wisdom 3-month Initiation Course at a reduced Festive Season price, running through to the New Year, giving you a head start on those who will begin in January. Normally the 3-month Course is £597 but if you book and pay your deposit of £150 by Friday 27th November, the price is £397. The Course begins on Monday 7th December, all onlineOverview of all my Courses here.

Affiliate Programme

Promoting my courses to your people pays you 50% commission when someone purchases my Course.  Sign up to my Affiliate Programme on my website now for a great side-line income and receive full details about the Programme.

**Free pdf to download**
5 simple alterations you can implement immediately for a “Complete Balanced Lifestyle”

(also at the end of this Newsletter)

PS:  The Caricature above was done for me some years ago at a Christmas Finance Dinner in London, he asked me what my two favourite activities were ~ total contrast to the elegant evening dress I wore!Don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some great Seasonal Offers, so without further ado, here is what we have on offer …



Wishing to SPICE UP your Christmas Holiday sex life?  Try LELO my own personal favourite brand; Rolls Royce of toys and accessories, in my opinion …  I wouldn’t use anything less!  I am aiming for ‘tester/reviewer’ as they are “Trip around the Universe” amazing.  Some great ‘Couples Massagers’ on offer now.   I add to my LELO collection annually with exceptionally satisfying results, impossible to be disappointed!

With my sensational Soraya Rabbit ~ used solo and with my man ~ now three years old, is still delivering ecstasy time and again, I have my eye on Tiani to use with my man.  Beautiful Silk Restraints & Blindfolds, Soft-tasseled Suede Whips, Oils, Moisturisers, Luna Beads, Smart Wands as well as a large selection of Vibrators and Massagers, you are sure to find something to please.  Aesthetically pleasing and silky smooth, LELO never fails to delight.


doTerra Essential Oils
My personal interest with Essential Oils has been growing steadily, (especially as I have been learning massage), to promote to my groups as supplements, remedies & defusing. They have helped me and my family when sick, tired and injured.

As a ‘newbie’ to Essential Oils, I had no idea some oils could be taken internally!  And that the oils I burn are probably causing me more respiratory problems than I already have due to being poor quality!  I have also discovered that ‘diffusing’ is preferable to ‘burning’.   So much to learn and very impressed so far.  WARNING: I want to make it very clear that you cannot normally take essential oils internally unless it says so on the bottle.  doTerra’s oils are certified 100% pure therapeutic grade and also carry the supplement label. Essential Oils are potent plant medicines and 50-70 times more powerful than herbs so need to be treated with the respect that they deserve.


Photography Session
Looking for a fabulous gift to yourself or to give to a loved one either for Christmas or Valentines Day?  How about  “How to look good Naked”, “Boudoir” or perhaps a “Fully Clothed Beauty” photo shoot – the choice is yours.  Nude/Boudoir/Beauty. Love Sharon Stone’s sitting pose she did for Harper’s Bazaar which I might pinch for my “tasteful nude shoot”!

Debal is a good long-standing friend, whose work  I have admired for a long time (no he did not do SS pic). I believe the above was shot in his lovely garden!  He took some fun outdoor laptop shots of me in the Summer for my website and can offer professional business photos for you too. His prices start at £150 for a 1hr shoot.   Please check out his separate websites for either Nude/Boudoir/Beauty or Business.  When booking, please mention you were referred by me.


Orgasmic Meditation
We are offering Intro to OM Workshop in London, to you for £122 instead of £147, either 12 December 2015 or 9 January 2016, 10am-6pm.  

For deeper immersion into OM, book our May 13-15th 2016 Spring Retreat in Somerset £597.  Book the Retreat and receive Intro to OM Workshop in London” for just £97 instead of £147!  DM me for more details & to book.

I had OM training as part of my Pleasure Tribe VIP Membership and practiced with one partner for 8 months.  The Connection we had was exquisite and gave me the creative fuel I sought and required at that time.  Although intended as a ‘stand-alone’ practice I can vouch for it also being the best foreplay ever!  Although I chose to only practice with one partner (because we were electric together), some have more than one practice partner, the choice is yours.  Personally, I now choose to only practice with my life partner.  Watching the OM talks and videos on YouTube is highly recommended as is Nicole Daedone’s TEDx Talk  Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman to discover if this practice is for you.


Sport Pursuit
For you Sporty ladies like me, or those merely liking great outdoor clothing/equipment at reduced prices, check out Sport Pursuit. They cater for both sexes whether it be clothing, footwear, bags, accessories or equipment – hundreds of well known brands including  Low Alpine, Berghaus, Teva, Salomon, Ecco, Zeal, Timex, Arc’Teryx, Chiemsee, Silkbody.  Superb Christmas Gifts to be found there as well as all-year-round savings on some otherwise expensive equipment and clothing.  A firm favourite ‘go-to’ site in our sporty house.

Rachel’s Celebration: In the New Year, I’m due to be interviewed on a US Podcast about “Sex, Lust and Love”, the interview subject being Female Self-Pleasure”. It pays to reply to blog posts private emails!  Happy Dance!

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Ciao Bella

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