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Hello Everyone

I am sure you have asked yourself at some point, the question “Why am I doing/teaching/living like THIS when my own life is like THAT?!!”  I certainly have, a number of times!  Of course the answer is that experience is the greatest teacher and only by experiencing something, working through it, understanding it, accepting it, healing from it, can we truly impart our wisdom ….

Being blessed with outstanding Teachers and Mentors, past and present, I am therefore able to process life/work challenges very deeply but quickly (I am still learning though), sharing my own experience whilst helping others with their own unique challenges. This is my gift and I am good at it!

Every challenge (and I have had more than my fair share), brings us closer to what we truly desire and our ‘destiny’; word of caution here …. ” be careful what you wish for Sisters, the Universe delivers!”

I have finally gone through closure, completion (wondered what those recurring 00:00 numbers were showing me, now I know!) and forgiveness in the form of a  physical illness which was purging of the emotional work I had done.

The centre of this vortex is pure magic because I have met my “Twin Flame” …. not to be mistaken with “Soul Mate”.  The former there is only ever one, whereas the latter can be many as I describe later.

The healing and education Adventure I began early 2013 has finally brought me to a state of evolvement to attract my “Twin Flame” … he also had to be at the same stage to attract me. It has been two months of backwards and forwards, “What is this?  I don’t understand this! How did this happen! I want this so much!  This is everything I ever hoped for.  Hell, I’m terrified because I can’t explain or control what I’m feeling!” to finally throw out the rule book and surrender to the Divine Bigger Picture as it has a power of its own, defying all logic; from here on in, there is no going back as our lives changed forever the moment we met.

It’s pure unconditional love as we instinctively know each other on a deep yet higher level …. two souls reunited personally (possibly also professionally).  What shape this union will take we are unsure, all we are certain of is that there is something far greater than us at play here.   Exhilarating albeit somewhat unnerving!

So here’s a brief difference between a Soul Mate and Twin Flame …

Soul Mate ~ can be platonic or romantic love.  We all have friendships where we just ‘click’ for no obvious reason, we are ‘comfortable’ with each other feeling like we have known each other forever!  We may have spent time with them somewhere in another life, perhaps in the same relationship as this life, or maybe some other form.  When it is romantic love, it can be fleeting, never to meet again, sometimes lessons to be learned, sometimes not.  Probably the most heart-breaking of Soul Mate meetings, is when timing is an issue, you both know you are meant to be in a relationship together but there is an obstacle blocking the way that cannot be removed at that time.

Twin Flame ~ the most elusive type of romantic relationship because they don’t have the turmoil or pain associated with Karmic relationships.  When Twin Flames find each other in this life, its because the work has already been done in past lives.  More often than not, Twin Flames gravitate toward non-traditional as this is where their souls feel most at ease in the discovery of their purpose and authentic life path.  The electricity and attraction that naturally draws Twin Flames together is like no other, therefore to try to follow traditional rules of togetherness is futile and cannot be controlled, hence throw out the rule book.  There will be challenges and questions in this connection and we may try to dismiss it but ultimately it cannot be ignored as it will call to our souls until there is nothing left to question, therefore nothing left to do but surrender to what will be …. it was already written before our birth in this life.  It is the most soul bearing type of togetherness two people can share, free from conformity and societal expectations, liberating and mesmerizing.

I would love to hear from you with your experiences if you have ever encountered your own “Twin Flame”.  We shall cover this deeper in my courses.

Upcoming Course
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Facebook Groups
I’ve closed my Meetup groups to concentrate on the Global reach of my two FB groups: Divine Feminine Wisdom & Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. Please do join us in one or both, we would love to see you there where we value your contributions on relevant topics, but please no self-promotion unless we are working together on a project, which I am always happy to do, if you have something in mind.

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Have an incredible week, whatever you are doing.

Love and hugs

Rachel :-)



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