A Thousand Words Incoming …. NOT!




Late last week the sun shone, French Windows to the garden open and I prepared to write my latest Newsletter (also promoting new Workshops & Courses)… subject chosen, social media switched off, ‘phone on silent, laptop at the ready, hands poised, brain engaged and ready to flow…. Huh?! Uh Oh! Nothing! Zero! Nada!!! This continued for two hours, until I gave up as I was clearly suffering from “writer’s block!” Even distracting myself with various unrelated activities produced nothing other than “Hello”!

Now I profess to not be one of the best writers, I am no ‘wordsmith’, Journalist, Blogger or Professional Writer, however, I am able to string together a coherent, intelligent, relevant, straightforward and raw message, enough to engage people to comment, like, reply and even PM me to work on projects together or become a client. So far, So good. Writing with more frequency for the past few months, I appeared on-a-roll, enjoying something I had put off for years in the frame of “Who would want to read what I have to say?” kind of thing, you know that feeling!

So what was the reason for this “writer’s block?” I was literally ‘spent’ as far as writing was concerned, having recently written much new material for my upcoming Business Start-up Workshop & various Courses, website, social media and promotion, I truly needed a new tactic to kickstart the written word again ….

  1. Identify what you need to write, why it needs to be written and what’s preventing the words from flowing easily.
  2. Distract yourself by engaging in something completely unrelated to work, whether it be music, dance, sport, going for a walk in the park or by the sea (if you are lucky enough to live that close …. yes I do, to both!) All of the above if you wish or something completely different, but not house chores for those of us working at home! Something enjoyable and fun, whatever it may be, do it!
  3. Stop worrying …. no point in stressing about it, you may lose a few hours but so what …. or in my case 4 days as that included the weekend choosing to switch focus to a photo shoot for website & promo photos – which was much more fun than I imagined, being ready to do that again soon!
  4. Post-distraction, give yourself a deadline and get an Accountability Partner – works every time …. many of my Entrepreneurial friends say the same, “whenever there is a tight deadline, that’s when I produce my best work!”
  5. Video or record what you want to say and use some of your verbal content as the basis for your written material, which is what I did … loving talking to laptop camera and setting up the whole ‘recording studio’ over the next few months …. even more fun!
  6. Finally, for those of us who do …. Meditate, I find this incredibly powerful in resetting my thought process; not about emptying the mind which is impossible whilst you live and breathe! Interestingly, for me personally, when I swim my mile, I become ‘at one’ with the water, only focusing on my breathing and technique, visualising and focusing on muscle groups in motion which is so akin to meditation, I get ‘flashes of inspiration’ parked until I exit the water.

Please do comment below with what works for you in shifting mindset, always great to hear your stories which I relay to my clients and workshop attendees.

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In Success …..

Rachel Gedney The Wisdom Mentor™ Lifestyle Entrepreneur