Start With Your “WHY”

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As a long-standing Entrepreneur and ‘Seasoned Networker’ who delivers events and loves meeting and talking with new people, I never enjoyed opening with “what I do”; so bland, flat and boring for such a happy, passionate, creative like me.

And then, I was truly inspired last year, when I discovered Simon Sinek’s amazing TEDx Talk – “Start with why — how great leaders inspire action”.  This changed everything as I definitely work from the ‘Limbic brain’ (feelings like trust and loyalty) and completely understand Simon’s reference to “The Golden Circle” – What, How, Why – brilliant!

Secondly I undertook a Relationship Psychology Course and again learned new ways to open a conversation with anyone in any setting and continue that conversation for an hour or more without ever asking what someone does or where they live, which no longer mattered because the connections were made.

Attending a Breakfast Networking event last week, (first in a long time as I know most people in my County having invested many hours of ‘Relationship Building’ over a number of years), I chose to lead with my “WHY” – oh my, what a great Psychology exercise!  The “Lean In” from people to discover more was not only fun but also produced better results and deeper connections (guest invitation to another networking event plus speaker slots at a Trade Show along with the best gluten free breakfast ever, were some of the highlights!)

I am not suggesting you undertake a Relationship Psychology course but do look at your “WHY” you do what you do – and consider incorporating it into website and social media copy, advertising and promotion along with adopting it for your 60 second pitch!

On a final note, today my ‘WHY’ gained me 10% discount at Office Shoe Shop ….