Entrepreneurs Working From Home


This Virgin Start-up Infographic below, shows that the vast majority of new Entrepreneurs funded by them work from home … most of my fellow Entrepreneurs also work from home, myself included, so what does this look like?

On a beautiful warm sunny day like today, I personally am grateful for home working and my garden.  I can choose to work inside with the French doors open or outside in nature, soaking up the sun … yes, even with my laptop!

During our numerous Business Start-up Seminars over the past few years, here are some of the comments made from students regarding the Advantages, Disadvantages and Type of Person who works well from home.  The list is by no means definitive – we could be here all day!  Let us know your thoughts:

Advantages of Home working
Work/life balance, no travelling/commuting, no overheads, fit in more hours, meetings in cafes/hotels etc, no distractions/noise/people, comfortable working space, flexibility, work around family, choose working hours.

Disadvantages of Home Working
Can’t switch off easily, lonely, no interaction/motivation/brainstorming, personal distractions/noise/people, have to arrange meetings elsewhere, limited work space, social media!

People who work well from home
Focused, motivated, organised, creative, positive mental attitude, likes own space, likes to spread out – (on the floor), likes flexibility of days at home or out in meetings, pro-active, autonomy, flexible working hours.

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Rachel 🙂