Relationships, Health, Fitness, Business


You are already aware of one specific part of my business namely Business and Finance Mentoring and Courses, full details of which can be found on my Lifestyle Entrepreneurs page but this is not all I do therefore I encourage you to browse my Website to see my other Courses and Mentoring; lesser known, although increasingly sought after work.

I encourage you to become a “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”, attaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.  At my Retreats, we explore Relationships, Sensuality & Sexuality in one of my courses, Health, Fitness and Nutrition in another and finally Business, Finance and Wealth Building as we promote “Healthy Body, Mind, Business, Life”.

I engage in everything I educate in and will be sharing insights of my own personal life-long evolvement, including how my own Tantra & Orgasmic Meditation Practice has enhanced my Business over the past 9 months.

How you show up in one area of your life is how you play in every area. If you are living at only 50% of your potential in your relationships, how can you live at 100% in your business?

Retreats will help you understand Conscious Feminine and Masculine Living with deep insights into Relationships and all of the above.

Please contact me, so I can guide you through your evolvement to achieving the success in life you desire.