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You are already aware of one specific part of my business namely Business and Finance Mentoring and Courses, full details of which can be found on my Lifestyle Entrepreneurs page but this is not all I do therefore I encourage you to browse my Website to see my other Courses and Mentoring; lesser known, although increasingly sought after work.

I encourage you to become a “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”, attaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.  At my Retreats, we explore Relationships, Sensuality & Sexuality in one of my courses, Health, Fitness and Nutrition in another and finally Business, Finance and Wealth Building as we promote “Healthy Body, Mind, Business, Life”.

I engage in everything I educate in and will be sharing insights of my own personal life-long evolvement, including how my own Tantra & Orgasmic Meditation Practice has enhanced my Business over the past 9 months.

How you show up in one area of your life is how you play in every area. If you are living at only 50% of your potential in your relationships, how can you live at 100% in your business?

Retreats will help you understand Conscious Feminine and Masculine Living with deep insights into Relationships and all of the above.

Please contact me, so I can guide you through your evolvement to achieving the success in life you desire.


Start With Your “WHY”

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As a long-standing Entrepreneur and ‘Seasoned Networker’ who delivers events and loves meeting and talking with new people, I never enjoyed opening with “what I do”; so bland, flat and boring for such a happy, passionate, creative like me.

And then, I was truly inspired last year, when I discovered Simon Sinek’s amazing TEDx Talk – “Start with why — how great leaders inspire action”.  This changed everything as I definitely work from the ‘Limbic brain’ (feelings like trust and loyalty) and completely understand Simon’s reference to “The Golden Circle” – What, How, Why – brilliant!

Secondly I undertook a Relationship Psychology Course and again learned new ways to open a conversation with anyone in any setting and continue that conversation for an hour or more without ever asking what someone does or where they live, which no longer mattered because the connections were made.

Attending a Breakfast Networking event last week, (first in a long time as I know most people in my County having invested many hours of ‘Relationship Building’ over a number of years), I chose to lead with my “WHY” – oh my, what a great Psychology exercise!  The “Lean In” from people to discover more was not only fun but also produced better results and deeper connections (guest invitation to another networking event plus speaker slots at a Trade Show along with the best gluten free breakfast ever, were some of the highlights!)

I am not suggesting you undertake a Relationship Psychology course but do look at your “WHY” you do what you do – and consider incorporating it into website and social media copy, advertising and promotion along with adopting it for your 60 second pitch!

On a final note, today my ‘WHY’ gained me 10% discount at Office Shoe Shop ….


Happiness the Entrepreneurial Way


This morning I awoke to this amazing quote and picture below, which made me realise how fortunate I am to work for myself, taking advantage of my “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” existence, designing my work around my lifestyle whilst making others happy in Mentoring, Advising and Educating them to do the same.

I choose when, where and how I work and although hours are long, because I love what I do, and ultimately it is for my own Business, it really does not seem like ‘work’.

Here is what I The Wisdom Mentor and Global Entrepreneurship Monitor have learned along the way about Happiness ….

1.  Be your own boss
Absolutely!  Entrepreneurs are happier than others, experiencing higher levels of job satisfaction than those who are employed, plus happier with their work-life balance.

So if you have a great business idea, but are worried that being self-employed will turn you into a stressed-out workaholic, don’t be … you’ll be a happy workaholic, instead!  Loving what you do makes such a difference.

2.…especially if you are Female, apparently
Female entrepreneurs have relatively higher levels of ‘subjective wellbeing’ than their male counterparts and more likely to be smiling during the early stages of setting up their businesses.

However, there are still fewer women becoming entrepreneurs than men, especially overseas. So be bold, ladies, your route to happiness could lie in starting up your own venture.

3.  But being an entrepreneur will only make you happy if you want to be one
There is a distinction between entrepreneurs who started their own business because they wanted to, and those who had no other option in order to earn an income.

Unsurprisingly, the latter were less happy.  Of course this also depends on what type of economy you are living in.

4.…and if you live in a society where entrepreneurs are valued…
Somewhat interestingly, in comparison with Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean for example, where running your own business is valued, the European Union however, does not place the same value on entrepreneurship i.e. 90% of adult Colombians felt that being an entrepreneur was a good career choice, compared with just 40% of the Swiss population.

So we suggest surrounding yourself with inspiring people, undertake relevant training, become members of online ‘peer groups or tribes’ for continued support and sign up to sources of positive stories for entrepreneurs.

5.  You don’t have to run your own business to be an entrepreneur
Employees behaving in entrepreneurial ways within their jobs is increasingly being seen as ‘entrepreneurship’ because they lead to the development of new ideas, products and services. In other words, you might be an entrepreneur without even realising it!

Success and Happiness to you!


Entrepreneurs aren’t quite what they seem!

Entrepreneurs arent quite what they seem claim Barclays and the University of Cambridge

Over the weekend I discovered this very interesting and useful article and felt it worth sharing.

For me personally it is fascinating, apparently being a Type A Entrepreneur (see below) and also because I deliver Business Start-up Seminars, where we meet a whole range of people from all walks of life and ask the questions during our time together:

1.  What qualities does an Entrepreneur possess?
2.  What are the key skills attributed to an Entrepreneur?

I also discuss Psychology, Personality Types, Learning Styles, Team Types and Dynamics to better navigate our way through this Entrepreneurial life.

Enjoy the article:
Entrepreneurs are often regarded as a different breed of human being – one that’s seemingly programmed with a higher level of confidence and risk appetite than the mere mortals among us. However, new research from Barclays and the University of Cambridge suggests such preconceptions may have been somewhat misguided. 

The Psychology of Entrepreneurship study examined the views and psychometric profiles of more than 2,000 entrepreneurs and employees in the UK, Germany, Singapore and the US. It found that entrepreneurs scored higher than employees on 10 of 13 key character traits identified as being prevalent in business creators, including achievement, motivation and the need for autonomy. However, it was when the study delved deeper into the entrepreneurial pool that some differences began to emerge. The study distinguished between two distinct types of entrepreneur: the Type As, who are artistic, well-organised, highly competitive and emotionally stable; and the Type Bs, who tend to be traditional, conservative, disorganised, spontaneous and focused on team-working. 

The study also broke down the entrepreneurs into three specific subsets – females, seniors and migrants – and there were again distinct traits that characterised each group.”  Read the full article here.

Entrepreneurs Working From Home


This Virgin Start-up Infographic below, shows that the vast majority of new Entrepreneurs funded by them work from home … most of my fellow Entrepreneurs also work from home, myself included, so what does this look like?

On a beautiful warm sunny day like today, I personally am grateful for home working and my garden.  I can choose to work inside with the French doors open or outside in nature, soaking up the sun … yes, even with my laptop!

During our numerous Business Start-up Seminars over the past few years, here are some of the comments made from students regarding the Advantages, Disadvantages and Type of Person who works well from home.  The list is by no means definitive – we could be here all day!  Let us know your thoughts:

Advantages of Home working
Work/life balance, no travelling/commuting, no overheads, fit in more hours, meetings in cafes/hotels etc, no distractions/noise/people, comfortable working space, flexibility, work around family, choose working hours.

Disadvantages of Home Working
Can’t switch off easily, lonely, no interaction/motivation/brainstorming, personal distractions/noise/people, have to arrange meetings elsewhere, limited work space, social media!

People who work well from home
Focused, motivated, organised, creative, positive mental attitude, likes own space, likes to spread out – (on the floor), likes flexibility of days at home or out in meetings, pro-active, autonomy, flexible working hours.

Come along to find out more or contact Rachel to discuss Mentoring or Courses and how they can help you.

Rachel 🙂