Study finds self-employed rates linked to prosperity



Government spending to increase entrepreneurship in areas with low rates of self-employment has failed to make an impact, according to a review of census data in England and Wales by economists at the universities of Sussex and Sheffield.

Researchers found that entrepreneurial activity rates among 18 to 65-year-olds, in all 384 local authorities in England and Wales, varied according to the underlying economic prosperity of the area, leading them to conclude that levels of self-employment may be a response to prosperity, rather than its cause.

Researchers also found that local authority areas where there had been an increase in the population of 55 to 64-year-olds were more likely to have experienced a rise in the levels of entrepreneurship.

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Can Entrepreneurship be taught in the Classroom?


One particular question which has become a perennial cause of divided opinion among enterprise practitioners relates to whether entrepreneurship can or cannot be taught in a classroom or college setting.

This is similar to the question about whether ‘entrepreneurs’ are born or whether they can be made. The answer to this question is unhelpfully… yes, no, and maybe. In other words, it depends …. extract from EnterQuest Bulletin – Issue 581 – May 2015

I would have to say YES …. having taught Financial Education to a whole year of 13 year olds on one day, seeing at least two ‘budding entrepreneurs’ in each class, with the remainder very eager to have their own business and begin investing!!!

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Next Generation Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Most of us understand the word ‘Leverage’ but how many Business owners actually join or offer Affiliate Programmes?  After 18 months of extensive research, I have discovered just how valuable Affiliate Programmes can be …. both as an Affiliate to a few fellow professionals aligned with my own Business and now as a Business Owner offering  an Affiliate Programme – albeit in its infancy which will evolve as my new Business also evolves.   By aligning with the right people, this can be an incredibly powerful tool for advancing your business.

Since joining my first major Affiliate Marketing Programme a year ago, I have learned these valuable tools through significant training, applying them in my own business.  My personal appreciation is given to Kristin Sweeting Morelli of Red Tent Revival, who provided the following along with exceptional coaching calls and videos.

The 6 Questions to Ask before Promoting anyone else’s Programme or Product

  1. Is this person making a real difference/impact with integrity and do you wish to be associated with them to make significant changes in the world? Does the programme feel right, speaking to your heart and soul?
  2. What kind of experience is your lead going to have during the promo or event? Is it something New/Innovative/Exciting/Fun/Transformational? Something they will be grateful to you for sharing? Something you will feel good about exposing them to?
  3. What is your lead going to be sold? What is the initial offer? And upsell offers? Bonus Point: Imagine ways the offer or upsells can grow your core business.
  4. What is the average commission (money in your pocket) per lead their affiliates have made with that same promo – on average, not just their 3 best affiliates? In what time-frame?
  5. What will they do to continue to monetise your lead after the initial promo? Is there an upsell on the backside? How does it convert in average commission per lead?
  6. What happens to your lead after the promotion is over? Do they promote other people’s offers? How often in the following 6 months do they promote other people after this promo? This means: how many lists is your lead potentially going to end up on!Remember, if you become an Affiliate, you are not ‘Selling’ anything, you are purely referring to something of genuine value to your trusted list.

For further training, please contact Rachel directly where she is happy to share her knowledge.  If your would like to sign up as The Wisdom Mentor Affiliate, she would love to welcome you aboard.

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Business Evolvement & New Website


Over the past 3 months my business has evolved and in that time so many new things have taken place …. here is what I learned and hope it is of some value to you.

  1. Website – I stopped procrastinating and joined ‘Mission for March’ via Female Entrepreneur Association to complete my website in a month.  Much back and headache later, I managed to build and develop my website, as well as develop and link all social media.
  2. Venue, Photographer and Filming – booked the venue (full payment only due 2 weeks before the event!) then began talking to Photographers and borrowing film equipment for us to use.
  3. Business Start-up Event– Next came altering/refining my original Business Start-up Seminar slides to include new material, following our workbook relating to the business.
  4. Meetup Group – then set up a meetup group to deliver partial content of my main Workshops, Seminars, Retreats, reaching people who cannot make it to my events.
  5. Other Courses and Retreats – This was the fun part, deciding what to teach, where and when due to a phenomenal amount of shared material in Business Finance, Wealth and Health …. this is on-going.
  6. Setback – Five weeks ago we had a bit of a setback with illness, coughs turned into colds, laryngitis and bronchitis. Along with that, I had a few ‘technical’ issues, now resolved.  Although nearly recovered, I did lose momentum, thankfully the venue was able to put the event back a month – make sure you don’t have to pay deposits with venues – this has given me some breathing space for promotion.
  7. Promotion – So now in full steam ahead with promotion, constant until just before the event in July.

Someone recently reminded me about my training last year where we learned about Expansion and Contraction and I suddenly realised that the reason I became so ill was due to the rapid and huge Expansion in taking my business to the next level and the stress involved (even though it did not seem that stressful).

Contraction generally manifests itself in illness, injury or a family crisis – so I offer some words of wisdom to be mindful of this when you decide to step up with your business.

Until next time, have a great week.

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