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Want More Fun? In all areas of your life? Discover Endless Adventure, Pleasure, Vitality, Freedom, Purpose and Passion by Joining the Revolution! You with us?


Are you aware that you can have Fun, Fulfilling, Inspired Relationships with endless Pleasure and Desire? Oh Yes! No matter where you are now, you can achieve consistent, long-lasting pleasure in every area of your life.

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Your voiced desires have been formed into tailored programmes, designed with your requirements in mind.

The Wisdom Quadrant


Picture how your life will Transform through guided support and strategies in Private Mentoring. Connecting with your Global Community should you desire it.

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Divine Feminine Wisdom©
Relationships, Sensuality, Sexuality

Pleasure, Radiance, Femininity Goddess Fun

 Rachel's Divine Guidance: sharing insights to her 
successful ‘Feminine Practice’; assisting hundreds
of Women to re-connect with their Feminine Wisdom 
having a rekindled passion for Pleasure, Relationships 
by unlocking & unleashing the mysteries 
contained within their
Feminine being, returning to 
wholeness of Feminine Radiance, Grace & Beauty


Health and Wellbeing©
Health, Fitness, Nutrition

Vitality, Vibrancy, Joie de Vivre  Fabulous Fun

Rachel will guide you and share insights into   her own life-long ‘Sporting Career’, which has escorted hundreds of Happy Clients on their way to a life of Vibrancy and Vitality.  You owe it to yourself to encompass Health, Fitness and Nutrition when understanding what Wellbeing really means to ensure a “Lifestyle Change” that's easily maintained, for life.



Lifestyle Entrepreneurs©
Business, Finance, Wealth

 Freedom, Time, Income Spectacular Fun

 Rachel's guidance will reveal insights into years of  Business Ownership, as a ‘Lifestyle Entrepreneur’,  assisting hundreds of Entrepreneurs how to live  their Dream Life by deciding on their Lifestyle first designing their Business around it.   Looking at your ‘WHY’ first.  Imagine absolute Clarity, Purpose, Passion in every area of your Revolutionary Business.



Pleasure * Vitality * Freedom

Hell Yes!   Yes Sister, it's  Truly, Madly, Deeply  possible to have consistent long-lasting Pleasure, Vitality and Freedom in every life area, if you desire it!   Feel into  that for a moment.   Imagine being guided to  Transform into  your  fullest  Divine Feminine.  Everything we  do and are  originates from the feminine within ~ Feminine Wisdom.   You ready to say YES?!   We're ready to welcome you.

Join your sisters so that  the secrets that ALL women possess can be revealed; to  access and appreciate  your natural Feminine Genius for a life with endless possibilities beyond  your wildest dreams.   When was the last time you chose to be YOU?   Disinformation has left so many women confused with what society offers, wanting more from their lives.

EmpathWe understand.  No matter how  intense or overwhelming life and learning seems.  You're like most of your sister  Tribes (and moi), where embracing and  letting go of  any  anxiety is transformational, as we're guided and supported  all the way  through this beautifully exciting Life Adventure together!  

You may be only moments away from  discovering endless Pleasure, Vitality and Freedom within your own special individual potential?    Should you become a Tribe Member,  unlimited transformation awaits.  Where will this New Adventure take you?  Can you see why it is important for you to take that first step now? 


"As Mentor~Educator~Founder of Courses & Retreats with proven results ~ Divine Feminine Wisdom, Health & Wellbeing, Lifestyle EntrepreneursdoTERRA Essential Oils, I realised I had Diverse Special Wisdom to share ~ 'my life is my work is my life' ~ therefore I am dedicated to supporting Women to embody Pleasure, Radiance, Femininity, Vitality, Joie de Vivre, Purpose, Passion & Freedom in every area of their lives.  To have positively impacted hundreds of women over a 25 year Career to embrace the above has been and will continue to be, my absolute delight. 

This also enables me to continue my Humanitarian work in Abolishing Human Trafficking"


Rachel  Gedney The Wisdom Mentor™ is the founder of The Wisdom Quadrant™ where women gather to learn, share and gain clarity in Body, Mind, Business, Life, by cultivating a higher consciousness through education.



"Hello Rachel, WOW!  The name The Wisdom Mentor has me very intrigued, I really love what you are all about.  I adore your website and feel called to reach out.  I host a television series on VoiceAmerica TV called Lighten Up! and love to interview spiritually inspired Entrepreneurs.  I believe we are meant to collaborate to serve a higher purpose.  I would be honoured and delighted to feature you on my show and highlight all you are doing to empower women by enhancing their sexuality.  Love and hugs." Suzanne Ross, Author, TV Host, Retreat Host, Sedona, Arizona

"Love your new website ~ so much information and inspiration ~ thank you!"  Anna Wrona, Belly Dance & Holistic Services

"Rachel, this is fantastic!!  Thank you so much for sharing all this for Sex, Lust & Love. Yours is by far the most interesting response! I love that you teach this, wonderful and sounds fascinating.  I just started my online show and going to have my own podcast; I'd love to interview you if you'd be interested? You could promote your teachings/business and educate my listeners."  Heidi Doheny Jay, M.S., Columnist: TheBocaRatonTribune, USA

"What can I say about Rachel?  She's just fabulous.  A very dynamic lady, with a passion for Feminine Wisdom, Health, Wellbeing, Entrepreneurship and Wealth building.  Rachel is a born Leader and natural Mentor and Networker.  Her key strengths are passion, intuition, communication skills and her ability to build connections with others.  I'd wholeheartedly recommend her, whether you are seeking to improve your Relationships, Health, Fitness, Business or Investment skills."  Nicole Anderson, Holistic Therapies

“It is a sin for you to not share your life information and gifts with the world!  Chinmai Swamy, Brand Marketing